speeding ticket lawyer mineola

You’ve been pulled over on what you feel was a bogus speed trap. You’ve got this hugely expensive speeding ticket lawyer mineola for trickling a few miles over the speed limit. You feel the officer used excessive tactics in singling you out of the crowd of speed demons out on the Interstate. You feel maybe even it was your own good driving that got you pulled over as you were the easiest catch! You’ve pleaded your case to the officer as well as family and friends.

Now what are you going to do about it?

Fighting speeding tickets is a ritual as old as time and can be perhaps even more fun. As we cautiously parry forward into the ere looming technology age that’s already consumed us; an age which threatens to take our traditions and rituals, chew them up, and spit them out, leaving a confused and pensive populous lurching for answers; there are still some things that will remain (at least for now). Fighting speeding tickets is one of those things. There are a few ways that are effective and may leave you waving to the retreating officer as they continue on for their next victim.

Speeding tickets are like the judicial system. You are always innocent until proven guilty. Most snared speeders think that just because an officer gave them a ticket, they have no options. That is a misnomer which couldn’t be further from the truth.

You most definitely have a right to fight; as well you should, if you feel you were wronged. The examples I used above are all very valid reasoning’s for being wrongly accused; unfortunately for you, the wheels of justice grind slowly and often what people opt for; rather than going off and fighting this wrongness; is they just send their check and curse themselves.

This attitude has far reaching, potentially damning consequences, beginning with increased insurance rates; ending with jail time for unpaid tickets, driving with a suspended license, or any of the other births from the “just take it” attitude.
Rather than letting any of these grievances befall you, you should take positive steps to beat the ticket, beat the man, beat the system.

As I said, the first line of defense is a good offense. Let’s forget the ticket and go back to the altercation with the officer. A few choice words for the man in blue can stop you from even getting a ticket in the first place. Were you picked out of a crowd? Did the speed limit just go down? Were you passing another vehicle (in a passing lane)? These are all things in your defense that can stop the whole matter before it starts.

If you’ve missed that opportunity, but remember the event vividly, write it out. Include a short, terse, factual letter with your claim of innocence and you may be granted lieneny with only defending your case on the one side. Just remember, you’re asking for something from them. So be respectful, be gracious, and consider yourself blessed if you’re able to avoid the final step:

Going into court! This is the last option; one people usually balk at for all sorts of reasons: civil court is slow, your case might not be heard, I don’t have all this time off to go and fight this stupid ticket. But, if you believe in your case, it’s a step we all should be prepared to take.
Fighting speeding tickets is a multi level attack; always remain on guard, look for loopholes, remember you position. But when that letter arrives and you tear it open “Charges DROPPED” there is no other feeling in the world to compare.

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