How to find free quality guest posting sites?

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How to Find Free Quality Guest Posting Sites?

In the last many years, search engine optimization has led to various link-building strategies, some worthy and some not. But link building has remained the best way to boost your search traffic and guest posting is the best way to build links. But the main question is how to find some best guest posting sites that help grab the maximum opportunity.

Well in this blog we have discussed some of the tips that help find free guest blogging sites but before that, we will discuss the advantages of guest blogging.

What Is Free Guest Posting?

Free guest posting means publishing articles on renowned websites that accept content from third-party authors. Free guest posting is a link-building way that helps get backlinks from authoritative projects by sharing quality content. Free posting has numerous benefits as compared to paid posting.

By exploring the list of ready to use sites for free guest blogging sites, one can save time while searching for sites. Make sure you carefully analyze all targeted niches and select the most appropriate sites from the catalog.

Advantages of Guest Blogging

Some of the advantages of referring to guest blogging sites in India include:

  •       To get high-quality, targeted and niche-focused backlinks.
  •       To drive more researched traffic to your website
  •       To boost website domain authority and also the SEO rankings for the most effective pages and targeted search terms
  •       For branding purposes
  •       For establishing tie-ups with other bloggers and to connect with their blog readers.
  •       To show your expertise regarding a particular topic and to improve your overall writing skills.

Why referring to guest blogging sites in India is crucial for SEO?

Have you ever thought about the need of writing blog posts for others on a guest blogging site list rather than publishing them on your own sites? The main reason for doing the same is SEO perk concerning guest blogging on other portals, guest posting helps get quality and relevant links to your site. Additionally, it also helps build your network and boost personal branding which all help enhance your search rankings over a longer period of time.

Ways to find great guest blogging websites

Look for websites that accept guest posts

Since guest blogging is a very famous way, there you can easily get free guest blogging sites lists that have other bloggers’ posts from various niches. Look for the websites after categorizing the topic. A quick internet search quickly shows the list of numerous instant approval guest posting which allow guest posts. The blogger has to look for the “list of blogs which approve guest posts”, or “write for us” marketinglist or “write for us” education technology which permits guest posts.

It’s worth considering that in case you get these kinds of lists, one has to research and confirm whether they allow guest posts or not.

Refine your search terms to get guest blogging websites

Another hassle-free way to hunt for guest blogging websites is to Google your search terms. There are different kinds of search terms that you can try to get access to numerous websites. It is crucial to start hunting using significant keywords; for example, if you look for an online marketing article that accepts guest posts, then use a combination of different kinds of keywords related to marketing, like marketing, “digital marketing”, “social media marketing”, “internet marketing”, “Facebook marketing”, etc. after that hunt for these keywords + one of the following search terms:

  •   “write for us” Travel
  •       “write for us” Education
  •       “write for us” Business
  •       “write for us” Digital Marketing
  •       + “contribute guest post”
  •       + “contribute to our blog”
  •       + “become a guest blogger”
  •       + “contributor guidelines”, etc.

In almost all situations, you can find some best opportunities even on the 4-5th page on Google as well.

Checkout guest blogging portals in reverse

One of the other common ways to search for the best guest blogging sites is to look at your competitors’ work and check out where they guest posted previously.  Look for bloggers in the same niche as he/she has already guest blogged a lot. While following the famous blogs of your relevant niche, some names will pop up again and again.  You can continue your search with the help of the given facts.

Post the completion of a guest blogging site list, you can then consider the use of a backlink technique to cross-check different types of backlinks they have used. In case there is someone who guest blogs a lot, it might be useful to you.

Use tools that help in finding guest posting opportunities

Another way to explore guest posting opportunities is to leverage different tools that assist in the research. For instance, content research tools, social listening tools, audience overlap tools, etc. help a lot in finding guest posting opportunities. Just look up your topic-related keywords + “guest post”/ “guest post by”. It helps find relevant sites which accept guest posts.


Guest blogging has proved beneficial for all good reasons, it is one of the most effective link-building techniques used in today’s world. Also, it is the best way to target a wider audience, get more traffic to your website, and be more reachable.

In a nutshell, it would not be wrong to say guest articles on best guest blogging sites  are an effective way to promote informational and commercial projects almost everywhere. All you need to do is to create the right strategy for working with guest blogging sites, respond to user comments, and carefully track the effectiveness of posting.