Pizza is an easy solution for all kinds of situations, from an ordinary weeknight meal to a full spread for a party. To get the most pizza for your money, remember to always check coupons and mix and match deals before you order. Pizzerias have specials running for every season of the year, making your pizza feast affordable even as food is getting more and more expensive. Take advantage of every pizza deal and customize them to fit your family’s needs.

Inflation Rising, But Pizza Doesn’t Have To

It can be tricky to balance satisfying, tasty meals and a family budget. Pizza coupons and specials are a great way to take the pressure off for a night and deliver a meal the whole family will love.

One of the best reasons to order pizza is the custom options to suit your family. Vegetable toppings can add important nutritional value, while meat lover’s and other fun options make pizza night special.

Many pizza deals also include new and exciting appetizers like pizza quesadillas and cheesy chicken poppers as well as old favorites like cheesy breadsticks, garlic knots and cinnamon breadsticks with icing. Ordering deals that include appetizers is a great way to stretch your pizza budget. Extra breadsticks can be repurposed in lunch boxes throughout the week, or you can even make them into new dishes like bread pudding, panzanella or strata.

Make sure to sign up for every restaurant’s loyalty program or phone app. Accumulating points towards free pizza is easier than most people suspect. One weekend pizza party can possibly accrue enough points for a free weeknight dinner.

Go Big for Bigger Savings

Often, the biggest savings can be found on the largest pizza deals. Pizza makes great leftovers, so ordering the largest family deal a restaurant offers can provide food for days. You’ll also save the effort of making lunches in the morning, freeing up time.

Many restaurants don’t limit coupon deals to the simplest pizzas, either. Papa Johns coupons cover new special items, stuffed crust pizzas, multi-topping pizzas and even a crowd-pleasing pepperoni pizza in the shape of a football. Choose a coupon for one of these interesting pizzas to save money and liven up an ordinary pizza night or fall celebration.

Save Time & Money By Planning Ahead

To save money while planning ahead for an event, look into a pizza place’s dedicated catering options. These deals aren’t just for businesses! Family reunions and birthday parties are eligible for catering deals as well, and as a bonus, you’ll have a pizza plan in mind to avoid the chaos of taking orders on the day of the event.

Did you know that when and how you order pizza can influence its price? Many pizza restaurants allow you to place your order in advance so it’s ready exactly at dinner time. Since evening is often a rush hour for pizzerias, order pizza ahead to skip the wait. Opt for pickup at the restaurant to eliminate the delivery fee and tip.

You don’t have to give up small indulgences like pizza to save money. Checking for coupons and family deals can make pizza night an affordable weekly or biweekly tradition for your household.