How to get high-quality UGC for ads at scale


What is user-generated content?

Marketers: 7 Benefits from UGC

Three Ways to Get Started With UGC

Three Steps to Create High-Quality UGC To Increase Your Conversions

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

You’ll agree with this statement about the current media landscape:

Everyone has a camera and uses social media content daily.


Users no longer consume advertisements, but they have become creators click here

It’s possible that nearly everyone you know has taken a picture of a product, posted a review on the internet, or created a video tutorial showing how to use it.

User-generated content (UGC) is constantly being created. As a marketer, you have many options for your brand to take advantage of this fact.

This post will examine:

What are the benefits of UGC for marketers?
How to get started using UGC
How to make high-quality, converting UGC
Let’s first see what UGC is.

What is User-Generated Content (UGC)?

Marketers: 7 Benefits from UGC

Three Ways to Get Started With UGC

Three Steps to Create High-Quality UGC To Increase Your Conversions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

What is User-Generated Content (UGC)?

User-generated media (UGC) is media that social media users create for a brand.

UGC can be posted in many forms, including photos, videos, and tweets. Brands often reuse UGC in marketing campaigns.

Sometimes UGC is the goal of a brand’s venture. Starbucks’ Red Cup Contest is an example.

The coffee chain asked users

to take creative photos of its iconic red cups during holidays. After curated entries, winners were selected and awarded various prizes.

UGC can also be created in other situations, such as when a brand hosts a giveaway or allows customers to showcase its products.

Similar to what BMW does on Instagram with #BMWRepost – shouting out to customers

The customer is proud,

and the brand receives soft promotions. Potential customers may even consider buying one after they see happy BMW customers.

And what else?

Brands can also source UGC by reaching out to creators and offering some form of partnership. These partnerships usually involve compensation for the creator in either money or the product.

UC is best when you workG

with niche creators. This is because they know how to create content that converts and has established audiences.

What is high-quality UGC?

Over 90% of marketers in the 2022 State of UGC Report stated that consumers trust content created by other consumers more than brand content.

Brands must ensure that any user-generated content is high quality.

What does it mean to have high-quality content?

It refers to content that is:

High video quality
Clear audio
A hook that works within a few seconds
The camera captures the face of the creator clearly
Honesty and authenticity are key to authentic content
Natural, good lighting buy tiktok followers uk

A relatable story

High definition video: Studies show that at least 19 hours of video online are viewed each week. Video content is also more popular than other types of content.

You must ensure that your video content is high-quality, entertaining, and authentic so that customers enjoy sharing it.

Clear audio: When creating videos,

creators must be aware of background noise, wind, and other interference.

Nothing is more frustrating than hearing the creator make a honking sound just as they are about to speak the good tiktok followers uk

Catchy hooks are not the ones attached to your fishing line or Captain James Hook’s hands.

It’s not the beginning of the

video itself that is interesting. This keeps viewers hooked.

It could be a surprise, a story, telling them what they need, or a message.

It is necessary to show the creator’s face in the video. This will allow other customers to see and feel confident that it is from them.

Original content:

Customers can tell when a video has been altered or isn’t authentic. It is important to make sure the UGC contains honest information.

Natural lighting: Videos and photos are lit by natural light.

We mean that lighting complements video. For any video to be successful, the best lighting is essential.

Product placement:

You don’t want your content to be overly sales, but it shouldn’t disappear completely from the overall picture.

A relatable story is what everyone loves:

I can still remember when an Indian princess robbed my rhinoceros.

You weren’t expecting the next line, were you?

Sorry, it’s a completely false story.

Stories can elicit emotions, especially when they address a problem.

Your UGC will attract potential customers, which will lead to more sales and engagement for your brand.