How to Get into IIHM : A Complete Guide

People who know how to make every guest’s experience as easy as possible are in high demand in today’s global climate. The hotel management sector makes significant contributions to the booming hospitality sector. Various certificate and degree programmers are available for people interested in a career in these exciting sectors related to the hospitality industry and travel and tourism. Many hotel management courses are accessible for those who desire to work in the industry. You’ll be capable of working in the hotel industry after completing these courses. So, if you’re curious about these courses but aren’t familiar with them, here is a blog that describes the hotel management course.

Prerequisites for Hotel Management Course

Students acquire all necessary information like managing a hotel in this course, including housekeeping, cooking, front-desk duties, and operational duties.

This program requires that applicants pass their class 10 and class 12 exams with a minimum cumulative score of 50%. There are many responsibilities at play in this scenario. A large staff is required to operate a hotel. Graduates from these institutions who exhibit self-assurance, obedience, intelligence, and a high level of training will have several job opportunities. Several departments, including food and beverage, housekeeping, accounting, marketing, leisure, computer applications, security, and public relations, are in charge of maintaining a hotel or a chain of hotels.

Even though this is a service-oriented industry with alluring incentives and compensation plans, and the working environment is often in star-rated premium venues, these courses are becoming increasingly popular among students.

A high school diploma is a minimum prerequisite for studying these subjects in Class 12. Candidates for government-approved universities and institutions offering this hotel management course are chosen via national admission tests. As one of the most popular entrance tests for bachelor’s degree programs, the National Council for Hotel Management Joint Entrance Examination (NCHM JEE) is held annually (NCHM JEE). The NCHMCT JEE is a yearly test that is given in April.

The test consists of multiple-choice questions on English, reasoning capability, general science, and general knowledge. Candidates are called for a one-on-one interview and round of small-group discussions after passing the admissions test to assess their personalities and skills.

Types of programs in Hotel Management

As it is a booming sector with several employment opportunities, the hotel and hospitality business constantly needs qualified people who can successfully handle the responsible managing role that it implies. Below is a list of every course the best university offers in hotel management. In the section below, we’ll look at a couple of these undergraduate programs:

  • Sc. in Hotel and Catering Management

This study program lasts about three years. This course’s academic and practical approaches to hospitality studies are equally important. If you finish your studies in the science stream after the 12th grade, you are qualified to take this course and apply for a hotel management internship.

  • Bachelor of Hotel Management

A bachelor’s program in hotel management lasts four years and eight semesters. This program, which aims to prepare students for hotel management and tourism careers, offers a variety of opportunities for you to explore and learn. You are eligible for this course if you completed your senior secondary coursework in any stream from a recognized board and school with a minimum aggregate of 45 to 50 percent. This course from the list mentioned earlier of hospitality courses is an excellent option for individuals who want to learn as much as possible.

  • Diploma in Hotel Management

After completing this program, you’ll have both academic understanding and practical business experience. Students who have just completed their secondary examinations may be eligible to apply, depending on the institute. If you’re looking for short-term classes to explore your interests and discover if this field aligns with your post-high school career goals, this is the place to go.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration in Hotel Management

This curriculum is a bachelor’s degree in business administration specializing in hotel management job. You can benefit from this course if you want to work as a manager in the hospitality industry. You can hone your managerial skills, which are essential in the hospitality sector. Students from any stream who have completed senior secondary school are eligible to participate in this course.

  • Bachelor of Hospital Administration

It is an undergraduate course that consists of six sections per semester. Applicants must meet a 55 percent average in the 12 standards to be considered for this course.

Benefits of taking a Hotel Management Course

  • After graduating from high school, students who pursue undergraduate degrees, particularly those in the arts, sciences, and commerce fields, have various options for studying abroad.
  • In addition to travelling abroad for higher study, graduates can research work opportunities with multinational restaurant chains, fast food chains, hotel chains, and much more. Finding a hotel management internship in India and working abroad is now more straightforward, thanks to economic globalization, especially in the hotel sector!
  • Most people pursue higher education because they hope it will lead to a better future. These courses provide students with precisely what they need in terms of content. The positions mentioned above in the hospitality business and its sub-sectors all have competitive pay and benefits. Earnings, however, are dependent on the candidate’s level of proficiency.


Closing Thoughts


Many of us prefer to participate in Hotel Management programs after completing our higher education since they pay well and give us access to exciting work prospects, exposure to various cultures, and chances to interact with people from around the world. If you share this desire, the best line of action for you is to enroll in a hotel and hospitality management course, complete a hotel management internship in India, and slowly climb up the ladder with experience. Apply for a job related to the hotel management and hospitality sector at, one of the best job searching websites in India. The Job Plus is India’s first one-stop dedicated platform, exclusively for the service and hospitality sector, that allows job seekers to connect with employers through a seamless and user-friendly portal.