Music fanatics, bloggers, broadcasters and even record label executives haunt the chasms of your browser. While nine to fivers sleep, internet addicts stare blankly at their screen, waiting for the next update from their favourite artist. Professionals brandish their keyboards, Rock Music forum  seeking out new musical talent. Advertisers prey on creative types with a credible following. It can be the bane of an artist’s existence, but when it comes to exposure, there’s no arguing the Internet rules king.

That’s all well and good, but how should you go about getting your music noticed online? Many musicians will opt to run their own viral strategy, making the most out of free features on social networking sites. Some professional DIY aficionados will take things a step further, to run their own mini-marketing campaign. For many, especially those with a flourishing career or bountiful label backing, turning down the more costly road of hiring a PR company will prove too hard to resist.

The choices are so varied and vast, diving into digital participation and marketing can seem like a mine field to the untrained eye. But it has to be done, and regardless of what option you choose, you’ll always need to know the basics. Below I list five guaranteed ways of getting your music noticed online.

Be active

The power of reaching out to your existing fan base should never be overlooked. Many music fans will like and follow musicians online having heard just one song. Social media offers the perfect opportunity to reconnect with these fans, and potentially sell a few albums and gig tickets along the way.

Be consistent

There’s no point logging in once in a blue moon to tell everyone about your recent songwriting session. It’s also unlikely fans will want to know what you had for tea, at least not every day. Be consistent when you’re on social media: use an application like Hootsuite to schedule regular, music-related content.

Show your passion

Whether through social media, music forums or digital community spaces, it’s really important you discuss your passions online. This will give music fans and professionals a chance to connect with your ideas and opinions, as well as getting to know the ‘real you’. And who knows? Maybe a collaboration or two will flourish as a consequence.

Be nice, but not fake

That said it’s really important you don’t lose control of yourself online. Many musicians stay away from social media for fear of being trolled, or even becoming a troll. Rock Music forum It’s crucial you have a presence online, but it’s also important you remain professional and don’t beckon unwanted attention. Be nice. It’s a pretty simple rule to follow.

Don’t throw your money down a black hole

Generally, social advertising only pays off when you have something to say. In many instances, it will also only make a big impact when you give it a big budget. If you do advertise online, make sure you plan your strategy and target a specific event or release. Throwing £20 at Facebook every day for a week won’t get you anywhere. If you’re not sure what you’re doing, it’s best to not do it, or hire a professional.