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How to Improve Your Local Ranking on Google

How to Improve Your Local Ranking on Google

Local SEO is different from average SEO. It has its own challenges to conquer and increase its credibility in the market. Local SEO focuses on improving the search results in the local area by improving the visibility of your business. Local SEO practices ensure the company appears in the top search results when a user types a search term related to your product or service. However, it is challenging to understand user instincts and behaviour without a result-driven plan. Consulting with a local expert in Brampton SEO can go a long way in producing desired results.

Here Are The Ways To Reach The Top Search Results In Local Ranking.

Google Business Profile

Setting up a Google Business profile is of paramount importance if you want to excel in the local rankings. It encourages customer reviews on your profile, increasing your online popularity and leading to more traffic and improved ranking. A full-fledged Google Business profile attracts the attention of Google, helping you stand out.

Do the following:

  • Unique and engaging description
  • Select the relevant categories
  • Upload numerous photos
  • A phone number is a must
  • Add your business address
  • Get authentic reviews

NAP Importance

(Name, Address, Phone Number)

You must ensure that your entire NAP is consistent on every page of your website. Furthermore, when you mention your address on other websites, using the same information and structure is imperative (i.e. local citations). Make sure to use schema structure data to allow search engines to display the correct information.

Customer Reviews

Positive and authentic customer reviews to increase your market credibility and boost customer trust. It plays a massive role in improving your company’s local search ranking. Provide your new audience with social proof to encourage connection with your business. Since local reviews directly impact your search ranking, getting reviews on your yelp page can prove significant. Moreover, connect with your customer base and solve their queries to build a trusted connection. It helps you get positive word of mouth, and words spread like wildfire.


Almost all customers rely on their mobile phones to search for products or services. Leveraging the power of mobile, you can touch new heights of traffic, thereby enhancing your search engine ranking. Optimize your website for mobile and create a responsive design that is easy to navigate. Hiring experts in mobile web design in Brampton can help you gain an edge over others in the competitive market.


Local SEO is an essential strategy in reaching out to your local audience and driving traffic to your online website. Moreover, your business will appear on the map leading to more sales and revenue. It also encourages customers to visit your physical store. Understanding local SEO using tools and strategies is imperative to track growth and success. While working with an expert and reliable local SEO agency can help you understand the intricacies involved and implement the best solutions.