How To Maintain Construction Equipment Under Budget?

Heavy equipment requires a mechanic to climb on the machine to check oils, filters and make repairs. A mechanic adds hydraulic fluid in a modern shop, much easier than a consruction site. The barrel contains hydraulic fluid and has an air operated pump. Fender is hinged to allow access to engine compartment.

Would you believe if one says that the maintenance cost of heavy equipment can be higher than the actual cost of the machine? It is indeed hard to believe, however it is true. Let us explain how.

Heavy equipment works much better if you follow routine maintenance. The on-time care is always better than repairing and rebuilding. When you own a machine, you try to make it more productive and profitable, which is only possible with routine maintenance. 

However, the maintenance cost may rise if you start neglecting the small wear and tear in the machine. The sluggishness in immediate repair may take out a hefty amount from your account on the detailed repair and will force you to divert from your budget. So, what will you prefer? Routine maintenance or delayed higher maintenance?

Read the following article to know about the maintenance tips for staying under your budget.

Check Maintenance Costs Before Buying Equipment

It is common that when a dealer presents his construction equipment for sale, he puts his maintenance cost along with it. If you can’t find the quotation then you may ask the dealer to give you a detailed quotation of the maintenance cost. When you decide to buy the equipment, evaluate and compare the maintenance cost with your budget. If it fits your budget then there is no problem in buying it. However, if the cost is higher than your dedicated budget then you should move to another one.  The maintenance cost includes the machine oil change.

Further, if you are having used equipment, then ask for the complete maintenance history from the dealer. It will give you a detailed insight that the equipment is kept maintained or not. 

Set Your Guideline and Rules

You better understand your fleet and your working schedule. So, do not rely on others’ schedules and rules. According to your schedule and capacity for work, set your guidelines and rules for maintenance. Sometimes the area you are working in has different requirements of precautions. In this case, you better understand the thing you need to follow depending on the local conditions. You must need to set your company’s standard set of rules stating all the protocols for workers and equipment as well. It will help you to follow the legacy for the long term.

Be Wise in Using the Equipment

The inappropriate use of the machine may damage it early. If you want to keep it working for a long time, then you must use it wisely. Do not overburden the machine for the sake of increased profit. This practice will push you to an extreme financial crisis. Before each operation, check the machine’s health, if it needs repairing and rest then do it. Do not use the machine if it is not ready to work properly.


The maintenance of the construction equipment for sale can make you fail in budget. If you do not keep the machine in routine maintenance then the severe damage may cost you a large chunk of your account. To avoid such conditions, you need to follow some wise approaches. In this article, you may learn about the maintenance tip for your equipment under your budget.