maintain your designer saree
maintain your designer saree

Every Indian woman loves her sarees. Be it any episode before or after her marriage, the developer silk saree is the most handpicked outfit for her to wear. It can make her look appealing at a party and elegant at a marriage function. Well, ladies, nothing comes without a little trouble. Maintaining your chosen sarees and guarding their color and texture requires care.


Every six months, take them out of your cupboard and allow them to stay in the mild sun for at least two to three hours. And also, put them back. It would save their color and shine. It also prevents any fungal raid or odor that the fabric might have picked up. While keeping them back, do not neglect to change the saree fold. It will help saree breakage and unwanted creasing of the fabric.


Do not hang your developer silk sarees on essence hangers. They’re stylishly stored in a cool and dry place, folded, and covered in a soft cotton cloth or bag independently. It is particularly important for Fancy Sarees Online. Silica gel is used to preclude fungal growth on your silk sarees.




When you buy a developer cotton silk saree online or physically from a store, you want it to beautify you and your wardrobe with the same grace after ten times as it did when you first got it. The first thing you need to do before washing the saree is to soak it in a pail with a mixture of warm water and a gemstone swab. Doing this for around 10 – 15 twinkles will ensure that the color is not lost from the Designer Sarees in the wetlands later. Use a mild soap, and do not go about washing the saree too roundly. Use bounce after the marshland to make sure that the terseness is maintained. Let the saree dry in a well-shaded area as direct exposure to the sun will quicken the fading of the colors. Keep the saree in a moisture-free cupboard.


Washing your sarees


Restrain from washing your precious Party Wear Saree too frequently. In case you are washing them, let the first marshland be in the swab water. Use cleaner only for the after wetlands. Do not squeeze the fabric to remove redundant water. Let it airsoft. Wash one saree at a time rather than mixing sarees in the hogshead. Silk saree and Zari embroidery sarees are best dry-gutted.


How do dry delicate sarees and apparel?


Drying Tips


Heavy, washable sarees and outfits must also NOT be left hanging, trickling water on clotheslines. Water adds weight. Hanging shopping-for clothes can lead to loss of shape.


To dry without squeezing- roll your silk saris, blouses, and salwar suits with a clean, spongy cotton cloth or a light, neutral-colored kerchief.


Now, rather, spread them flat on a neutral face to dry.


Be careful to NOT spread garments on polished/ painted shells, walls, and walls, as they (shells) may leave stains.


maintain your designer saree
maintain your designer saree

Do not lay dark-colored outfits over light bones, or vice versa.


Drying in direct sun is a NO-NO. Always dry in shade.


Avoid washing/ cleaning and storing heavy garments on days when it’s too sticky, as this would leave them damp and moldy.


Ensure garments are fully dry, before taking them off for storehouse.


Routine re-folding of Saree


At the moment, fashion goes veritably presto. Some of them put their clothes in the sun for many hours to maintain their color and shine after they store them back. While doing that, it can cure your clothes of out-of-door fungal and remain fabric as well.


Stain removing of your Saree


When you go to a party or event after that, your saree may be looking dull, in that case, you can fluently stain your saree with cold water or, if needed, apply mild body cleaner to it. However, you can fluently wash it. If your saree is in critical condition or looking unctuous, also apply glycerin on dry and after that.


Iron a saree in a proper way


While you suppose to iron the saree more you take special care to do that if you iron on the soft cotton silk you can do it veritably fluently it would be damaged if you do not do it duly.


Some fresh tips to iron a saree


When you remove wrinkles, you can press with hot iron duly after sprinkling some blotches of water.


After washing, dry the saree in the sun for proper shine.


Do not use irons directly on the saree, put some light-weight cotton cloth on the saree.


Maintain Your Saree in Good Condition


Then are some introductory tips to follow, which may be applied to any saree you enjoy. No matter what material, the mildew spots will develop ultimately.


To avoid that, store your sarees in towel paper or fabric bags, which are made of cotton. Some people indeed use soft napkins for storing sarees. Another great storehouse option is muslin cloth, which allows your saree to breathe.


Do not use naphthalene balls because they can take down some color from your saree, and with direct contact, your saree will smell like them. Also, try to keep your sarees down from bugs and insects. You can use naphthalene balls so that the moths are down from your clothes, but you should avoid your Sarees for the Wedding Party from contact with naphthalene balls.


They also have anti-pest parcels and will help to cover your sarees from unwanted guests. For heavier silk sarees you can use old pillowcases for storehouses.


To get relieved of unwanted humidity just put packets of silica gel in bags where you store your sarees.


Always remember to refold your sarees and no way let them stay in one-fold for longer than three months. It will help sarees from tearing in the areas where they are folded. It is worth mentioning that you should not fold bejeweled sarees, as it may ruin the design.


Silk sarees dry enough snappily, so there is no need to dry them in direct sunlight. However, the issue you may have with thread work can get tangled, if your saree includes complex embroidery work. To avoid that, you can use a netted filling, which will save the embroidery.


It will help you to avoid wrinkles. But, do not use essence hangers as they can stain your silk saree due to some chemical response. It is better to use rustic hangers or plastic hangers, rather than essence. It is good to store your sarees independently in a cool dark place, so their colors do not fade.


New Method

Currently, there are numerous time and trouble-saving conservation products, which can be used to keep Fancy Sarees Online looking fresh and new. Products like cleaner nuts, protein cleansers, chemical-free cleansers, and natural mothballs are each great investments in saree conservation.