How to Make Millions Before Grandma Dies “public review”


I like watching films, especially in the cinema. This month feels very hot because this month I was hospitalized and am still in the healing stage. It makes me want to watch cinema again after a long time.

The intention to leave a room that feels uncomfortable. And I ended up watching Granny, the review of which I saw was quite sad and made people cry. This month too I have cried quite a lot. Maybe that’s also what makes the room stuffy. But it’s okay. Let’s guess watch this.

ended in tears.

No need for spoilers but I recommend watching it. Maybe it’s because I’ve been an overseas child for a long time, far from my parents, that’s why it feels touching.

When I got home I felt like starting to write on this application I had just discovered, medium. I’m not a great writer but I want to try to do anything I’ve ever thought of. I once thought about becoming a writer. It’s been a long time. So why don’t we try it? At least as a memory for yourself. No need for appreciation from others. This is for myself.

Affection cannot be measured by asking who is loved most? if there is a choice between them. Especially talking about parental love. It cannot be measured by the attention that parents give to their children because each child’s sense of fairness will have different views. Parents definitely think about what is best for their children. Even if children feel unfair, parents do whatever they can.

Time in old age feels harder. Children have their own path. Parents start to see how their children’s lives are going, they start to be afraid and feel guilty if they haven’t given their best, the house starts to be quiet with their respective children’s lives. Meanwhile, who do parents end up with when their children are gone? In this film, the ending is with oneself, it doesn’t matter, the important thing is that parents want to make sure all children are left with a good life.