How To Make Your Dancewear Last Longer?


Finding the proper dancewear is a task, whether you dance to appease your soul or are a professional dancer. It’s always a little hard to find the right fit, something that embraces your form like a glove and flatters all your curves.

So, when the right dance clothes for women come along, it’s best to grab them and never let go!

Here are some easy and sure-shot tips to ensure that your dancewear lasts a lifetime:

Choose the right detergent.

From times immemorial, the standard way of washing clothes included using alkali-based soap and water. That’s all. Alkalis fail to distinguish between dirt stains and the fabrics and attack everything. It harms your clothes as they become weary and dingy quite quickly.

Instead of alkali detergent, use an enzyme-using detergent soap. It detects the dirt, dissolves it and then lifts it off the fabric without any damage.

Wash it the right way

When washed in hot water, dancewear loses its shiny, bright self, like tights and elastic headbands. So, always make sure that you clean them in lukewarm water. Moreover, please do not throw them in a dryer; instead, hang them on a line and let them air dry!

Dancewear is generally very delicate, so it would be best to put the clothes in a mesh or a lingerie bag before washing them. It will keep the clothes from snagging. Open mesh bags work best since there is enough space for soap and water to get in, yet the clothes stay protected.

Turn your clothes inside-out.

Before you put your dance clothes for a good wash, turn them inside out. One, it helps to keep the colour from fading away. Two, the sweat and smell are on the insides of the garment anyway, so that the worst spots will receive a thorough cleaning.

Keep a check on your accessories.

There is a good chance for your long nails and extravagant jewellery to get stuck in your dancewear. Dance clothes for women are, anyway, very delicate, so even a little stuck up could rip the fabric apart.

Let’s not lose brand new tights due to fancy accessories.

Don’t pull on your tights.

Found a pick on your bottoms? The urge to pull on them must be natural! Refrain from doing so. It will pose no harm if you leave them loose thread just like that. But if you pull at it, it’s going to cause damage.

If it bugs you, dab some clear nail paint on the pick so it will stay as it is.

Don’t wear your dance clothes all the time.

Understandably, sometimes you do not have the time to rush for an outfit change. The struggle of running from one academic class to another dance class is real!

That said, try not to wear your dance clothes under regular outfits. It’s tempting to wear your tights under everyday clothes and save 2 minutes of changing. But, in the long run, your tights will wear out incredibly fast since they will continue to stretch all the time!

Let your dancewear breathe.

When you take off your dance clothes post the rehearsals, let them air out. Do not immediately pack them away in your dance bag. Otherwise, over time, your dance bag will build moisture and sweat.

Overall, it’s a nasty situation, so ensure to avoid it!

Wrapping up

It’s not feasible to go on a shopping spree now and then. A good dance costume can cost you anywhere between $20-$1000 or even more. So, when you find the right pair of dance clothes and shoes – hold onto them for as long as possible!

Wash your dance clothes the minute they are filthy and stinking. Turn them inside out before tossing them in a lingerie bag and throwing them in for a wash.

Ensure that your jewellery causes no harm to your clothes, and always let your dancewear breathe before you keep them in the wardrobe!

Easy, right?