How to Maximize the Advantages of Your Credit Card in India

best credit card in india
best credit card in india

Credit cards are not only a means to buy now and pay later but also a doorway to several financial benefits. Arguably the best credit card in India, the Bajaj Finserv RBL bank credit card and Bajaj Finserv DBS bank credit card, are exemplary in bringing you closer to these advantages.

To maximize the advantages of these credit cards, you must firstly understand the benefits on offer. Secondly, you must ensure that you use the card responsibly, to make an impact, whether it is about earning reward points, getting cash back, or building a strong credit history.

Benefits of Bajaj Finserv Credit Cards:

Bajaj Finserv offers a plethora of benefits to their credit cardholders. These perks make these cards the best credit card in India for those seeking an effective and efficient financial tool. Here is a closer look:

1. Reward Points: You can accumulate reward points on every spend, which can later be redeemed against a wide range of products or services.

2. Cash Back: Earn cashback on specific purchases such as fuel, grocery, or online shopping. The accumulated cashback can be adjusted as statement credits or redeemed on the next bill cycle.

3. Fuel Surcharge Waiver: This is a major advantage of credit cards. It allows you to save up on surcharges each time you fill up petrol or diesel at any fuel station across India.

4. Travel Benefits: As a Bajaj Finserv credit cardholder, you can avail numerous travel-related benefits such as airport lounge access, ticket booking offers, etc.

5. Easy Loan Conversion: This feature allows you to convert your high-ticket purchases into manageable EMIs, hereby providing financial flexibility.

Maximizing the Advantages of Your Credit Card:

1. Use It Regularly and Wisely: Using your credit card regularly for everyday expenses can help in accumulating reward points. However, ensure to pay off the balance completely each month to avoid interest charges.

2. Utilize Reward Points: Keep track of your reward points and redeem them before their expiry. You can use these points for shopping, booking tickets, or even converting them into cash.

3. Take Advantage of Special Offers: Always look out for special offers and discounts. For instance, the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank Credit Card offers exclusive dining, shopping deals and more.

4. Pay in Full and On Time: Paying your credit card bill on time, ensures you maintain a good credit score, crucial when applying for loans or other credit cards in the future. More importantly, it helps avoid late payment fees and high-interest rates.

5. Use For Big Purchases: For any big purchases, use your credit card and take advantage of the EMI conversion facility, which can provide financial relief by dividing a large expense into affordable monthly payments.

Applying for Bajaj Finserv Credit Cards:

If you’re contemplating getting the best credit card in India, the application can be made online at the Bajaj Finserv website, or you can visit the nearest branch. You will need to fill up the application form and submit necessary identity, address proof, and financial documents. Alternatively, you can apply using the bajaj finserv app. Once the documents are verified, the card will be dispatched to your address.


To extract the maximum out of your Bajaj Finserv credit card, make sure to use it efficiently. With seamless experience and offers, Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank Credit Card and Bajaj Finserv DBS Bank Credit Card indeed are tempting solutions for anyone looking to gain the advantages of a credit card in India. Understanding and appropriating these tips can help you unmask the full potential of owning a credit card and bring you manifold rewards. The combination of smart utilisation and financial discipline can help you extract the unmatched advantages out of your credit card.