How to Prepare for a Website Design in Geelong


Your website creates the first impression of your business, and it must be fully optimised to draw the complete attention of the visitors. For all those thinking of revamping the website and upgrading to have great performance, and a smooth interface here’s what field experts of Web Design in Geelong have to say.

The experts often suggest that it is better to opt for one as soon as possible because a non-performing website can hold back the capabilities of a business or company from growing.

Website redesigning is a significant decision, but you can make it happen successfully with appropriate planning, research, and preparation. With appropriate and standard web design services, website owners meet their business goals in a short span of time. But, most entrepreneurs choose web designers without prior knowledge, which results in an underperforming website, and to avoid this, you must get a few things in order.

A website needs a redesign if it is outdated, difficult to navigate, updated internally, or isn’t delivering the expected results. If web redesign is your project’s next target, you’re at the right place. Read below to know what you must consider before opting for a website redesign.

Things to consider before a website redesign

1. Define the Objectives of your Project.

Take a note of why you want to change the look of your website? A new site can accomplish a lot, but still, it’s essential to know what your key objectives are and what motivates you. The responsibility of the finest services of Web Design in Penrith is to update an old look, generate a better user experience, introduce new features or content, support a refreshed brand, and support marketing efforts to boost the number of visits to your site are all common reasons for a redesign.

2. Determine What Works Best for you

When you ask yourself what’s working on your existing site, there is a possibility that the answer can be “nothing.” While this is a good beginning point, you can still find a few existing things that work. These are crucial details that you must understand even if your website doesn’t require specific changes or something isn’t affecting it. If your users have grown familiar with a feature and are successfully using it, it may be reasonable to keep specific characteristics to keep them comfortable.

3. Make a list of your Favourite Websites

Examining other websites, both within and even outside your business might provide ideas and insight into what your new site must look like. Scroll around the homepage, then click through the internal pages to get a sense of what you’re interested in. While making a list of what you want for web design in Geelong, look at the other sites on both a desktop and a mobile device. Take a note of suitable content types, attractive features, new CTA ideas, and every other thing that inspires you to include it in your web design.

4. Make a list of your Brand Guidelines

Your brand encompasses everything that defines who and what you are. It’s how you set yourself out from your competitors. Your logo, colours, typefaces, tone, and style contribute to the brand’s personality. A website must reflect your brand’s goals To establish a consistent experience across all platforms and locales.

Brand guidelines can help create a design style that should be followed throughout your marketing materials, including your website. The support of good web design in Geelong prepares to supply primary brand colours and any additional colours in RGB or HEX.

5. Get your Marketing Materials Together

Bringing together a collection of up-to-date marketing samples can assist you in determining the style and feel of your newly redesigned website. To establish a seamless experience across all media, you must offer your audience a consistent design, tone, and message. Your customers will expect consistency from your website, apps, social media platforms, print materials, and physical places. Set the tone for your new site using recent social posts, pamphlets, emails, posters, and other traditional marketing pieces.

6. Make a Content Strategy

Choose the type of content your new site will contain and the voice and tone you want to use. Your content may help you build relationships, gain trust, and demonstrate knowledge. Do you like a warm, inviting tone or a firm, authoritative tone? The service of web design in Geelong can influence not only the copy but also the imagery, design elements, and treatments used.

The user journey is supported by several content categories, which enable your viewers to interact with your website. Promotional space on the homepage, calls to action, educational resources, testimonials, and comparison charts are common examples. Determine the features and functions your new site must have, and be prepared to offer examples of other sites that do this well. You’ll also need to decide whether you have the resources in-house to handle content development and planning or if you need outside help. The expertise of a good web designer lies in helping website owners with this initiative.


When it comes to revamping your website, the objective is to blend in best practices, industry research, and user experience trends after gathering all of your information. Preliminary research might get you started in the right direction, and your web design project can be successful with the right team. By getting in touch with Make My Website, the leading team of web design in Geelong, you will be able to finalise your concept and bring it to life with adequate planning and preparation. Here are some of the benefits that you can have if you opt for web design in Geelong:

  • Optimised site experience
  • Improved SEO performance
  • Refreshed content strategy
  • Faster site loading
  • Cohesive brand identity
  • Responsive design

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