How to promote your university with back patches?


If you want everyone to know your brand you need to conduct some effective marketing and promotional techniques. These techniques will help you to create a good brand image and grab the attention of your potential customers.

Promoting your brand with the help of noticeable accessories like bags, caps, and jackets has always been a perfect method for an impactful advertisement. Looking at the trend it is not hard to guess that people like badges on their jackets or hoodies. During winter students usually wear custom-made jackets and uppers. If you want to promote your university or educational institute, you can use back patches for the promotion.

Ways to promote your university using the back patches

Use letters or numbers: Students like to wear jackets that have the Initials of their educational institutes or any number representing their academy. They like to wear it and keep it as a sign of achievement or as a memory. They even wear it outside the institute. The initials or numbers look attractive on the jackets. Design a custom patch and stitch it on the uppers. Give the uppers to the students and they will promote your university simply by wearing them.

Use attractive colours: Using colours to trick the human mind has always been an effectual promotional strategy for most brands. Bright colours have always been in trend. Many businesses use these colours to design their logos. Colours are a way to catch the attention of your viewers. You can design the patches using some vibrant colours and themes so that whoever sees the back patch gets the idea of your institute.

Logo: Promoting your logo is the best way to advertise your institute. Logos play a big part in maintaining a brand positioning. They describe the idea behind your institute. You can make Bespoke Patches containing your logo and can attach them to the piece of cloth you wish to give away. And you are all set for the promotion.

Pricing: Using a good pricing strategy is another impactful way to sell this custom outfits. We know that we cannot distribute free jackets to all of the pupils. The students in a university are almost uncountable so free giveaways will require a huge budget. Providing custom-made jackets, hoodies or shirts to the university staff and students at a low price will help the authority to sell their product. This step will also help the institute to cover the promotional cost.

Social media: You know that the most fruitful marketing tool nowadays is social media. Billions of people are on social media and you can excess all of them with a click. Different brands are promoting their product through these platforms and yes these platforms are ways more effective for selling your product than physical existence. If you sell your back patches through social media, it will not only reach the students of your academy but other social media users as well. Those who have already graduated from the university and those who wish to apply to your university will have access to your page. Your effective online advertisement will encourage them to buy your product. And, where ever will the buyers wear the outfit having the back patch of your institute, they will be promoting it.

Brand ambassadors: You can partner with influencers. It is another fruitful social media marketing technique. Make these influencers wear the clothes with a university back patch and ask them to post photos or videos in it. Not all but some of their followers will buy the jackets having your sign on them and will help you promote your institute.

Custom designs: If you are having an event in your Academy, you can make some attractive designs and logos to promote the activity. Make creative designs, use vibrant colours for the designs, and produce back patches of these designs. Distribute these custom back patches UK to the students participating in the activity. The students will wear them on their shirts and jackets promoting the university indirectly. People like to wear dresses having the logo or sign of their educational institute. It gives them a sense of belonging. They wear it as a sign of achievement. They feel proud to wear these. This attitude of the students can be a good strategy for marketing.


It is best if we focus on the quality of the product before promoting it. As we have discussed above, We have to sell the accessories somehow instead of distributing them for free, to cover the promotional cost along with promoting the product. It is best if we focus on the quality of the commodity we are promoting. If the back patch easily falls out, if the material is rough, there is no use of the promotion. People will not wear it anyway. As you know the best way to promote the university through back patches is by making people wear them. So, it is best to focus on the quality of the cotton badge we are providing to the people. If we fail to satisfy the customer in the first step, there is no way we can conduct an productive promotional activity. Thus, quality assurance is the key to great marketing and advertisement.


Promotion helps a company in increased sales. It helps you to gain customers and increase your overall profit. An academy doesn’t aim to sell any product but its services. These services can be promoted with the help of custom accessories. People using your custom accessories will help you market your service in a better way. Make sure your product provides benefits, has a good quality, reasonable price and attractive look and you are all set for the promotion.