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Not everyone experiences sinus problems on airplanes. But for people who do, traveling can be troublesome. Traveling by plane for adults can potentially make it worse or be a precursor to them. When suffering from sinus issues beforehand, physicians often advise patients to avoid flying completely. However, avoiding traveling altogether is not a feasible option every time.

Your sinuses keeping you grounded is the last thing you’d want to come between you and traveling. Now, let’s examine various approaches to reducing sinus barotrauma-related pressure and pain before, during, and following your journey. For more travel convenience, doctors now recommend being cautious & carry essentials like medications or equipment like a neti pot, best for such purpose.

What Causes It?

You must first understand the source of the sinus problem to ensure the most effective solution for you while traveling. The air pressure in the cabin is the real annoyance since it frequently fluctuates too quickly for a clogged sinus canal to endure. The tubes in our sinuses and ears cannot regulate the pressure when there is an imbalance, resulting in symptoms such as flare-ups and discomfort in the sinuses in adults.

How Can You Manage it?

Here are some suggestions for treating your frontal sinus and avoiding it altogether:

  • Get A Good Sleep Before Boarding

A restful night’s sleep the night before your journey can go a long way toward preventing sinus issues from arising. Your body can fight off infection and sinus problems better when you get enough sleep because it is better prepared to cope with potentially hazardous germs. If you have a heavily congested nose, ask your doctor if you can take medications or other nasal congestion tools on the flight. Like using the neti pot, to get instant comfort & relief for sinus-related issues, one can carry along the baby neti pot, which is much smaller in size and built for travel purposes only.

  • Eat A Balanced Diet

Before leaving the airport, have a nutritious, well-balanced meal to support your immune system. You can ensure you eat healthy food throughout the day by packing a snack or buying one before boarding. Additionally, it is a wise idea to pre-supplement with antioxidants like vitamin C or vitamin E.

  • Use A Nasal Spray or Neti Pot

The convenience and quick-relief formula of over-the-counter medications can be helpful when managing the aggravating effects of flying. You can combat the dry air by using a saline nasal spray to stop your sinuses from drying out. You can also use the best neti pot to ensure you are free of congestion while traveling. A neti pot is easy to use and convenient to carry.

  • Drink plenty of water

Drinking hydrating fluids is essential to keep your immune system prepared since airplanes are poorly ventilated. You can avoid a sinus headache after flying by not consuming caffeine or alcohol that removes water from your system and impair your body’s ability to fight infection.

The Final Word

Your job and personal life could all be affected by your sinus infections. If you have a sinus infection, you will likely endure excruciating pain and pressure when flying. If your sinus condition is controllable, use any of the methods mentioned above, the wisest being the use of the best neti pot available in the market.