How to Reduce Network Latency With VMware NSX T Training

How to Reduce Network Latency With VMware NSX T Training
How to Reduce Network Latency With VMware NSX T Training

In the last ten years, increasingly more agencies are adopting server virtualisation. As a result, a whole new version of operations has emerged to manipulate and provision app workloads in data centres.

When you say a server is dynamic, it means it will treat a physical host as a blend of memory, CPU and storage capacity. Enterprises can then repurpose and consume it however needed. The dynamic capabilities of server functions have transformed global markets and enabled enterprises to cut down expenses in billions. 

However, existing network models on which these workloads depend have not kept up with the changing market needs. Networks are becoming barriers for enterprises as they aim to achieve the highest benefits of system virtualisation.

Importance of VMware NSX Training:

NSX is a VMware solution designed to virtualise networks and deliver the highest level of security for networking model L2-L7. The VMware NSX solution separates networks and hardware and leverages existing network infrastructure in a way that doesn’t require any changes to enable improved cost efficiency, service delivery speed and agility. NSX enables businesses to deliver a new networking model which is fully operational and moves past the network barriers that exist today. As a result, data centre operators have seen improved result metrics and significantly higher agility. 

This new network virtualisation approach by VMware allows data centre operators to view physical networks as a combination of transport capacity that they can consume and customise as and when required. You can provision and manage a VMware NSX virtual network programmatically, using the existing physical network as IP connectivity. VMware NSX Training gives enterprises a platform that delivers VMware’s logical network services and the benefits of the NSX Partner Ecosystem. NSX has been created around a controller cluster managing logical network function distribution within hypervisors across the data centre. It enables a data centre operator to provision multi-tier, complex virtual networks almost instantly, without restrictions relating to network components or topology. 

According to IDC, there is a growing utilisation of private and public cloud services and an inclination in organisations towards higher agility in app and service delivery. This is driving service providers and enterprises towards an age of network virtualisation. Virtual networks see a decoupling of software and hardware. This allows a new model of network operations to emerge that can deliver increased efficiency and speed. Network virtualisation has become a game-changer and will prove to be a fundamental block to delivering software-defined data centres. With NSX, VMware is primed to capitalise on this opportunity in the market. 

Benefits of VMware NSX in Figures:

Choosing VMware NSX as a network virtualisation solution gives you multiple tangible benefits in terms of reduced expenses and money saved. VMware NSX has been designed to increase enterprise ROI (return on investment) significantly. Total Economic Impact published a study showing that business organisations have managed to save the following costs while using VMware NSX for just three years.

  • Saved $1 million in hardware and operational expenses
  • Saved $1.2 million by reducing admin automation and the time taken
  • Saved $7.4 million by reducing hardware dependency and needs
  • Saved $1.6 million by improving user efficiency
  • Saved an incalculable amount in costs by implementing effective protocols to contain threats, increase security and prevent breaches. 

VMware NSX provides networks with every benefit that virtualisation offers, meaning enterprises now get a true SDDC. Every networking and security service can be managed simply using NSX as a unified and comprehensive platform. Managing and deploying app environments becomes simpler, which in turn simplifies workload optimisation.

VMware NSX uses a micro-segmentation method to enable constant and consistent security which is customisable for individual workload needs. NSX is also created to provide higher returns on investment. Through increased security, speed and agility, business expenses go down significantly, allowing data centre optimisation.

Aiming at increasing efficiency and functioning more effectively in a dynamic global market, more businesses today are shifting to a cloud platform. With this goal in mind, networks should be the last thing to get in the way of business velocity and innovation. Network operations need to evolve in terms of agility, both automated and programmatic. VMware’s NSX solution works as an intelligent solution capable of leveraging existing infrastructure and a large partner service community. If you start your VMware NSX training today, nothing is stopping you from becoming an invaluable enterprise asset.