How To Safely Remove Tile From A Concrete Flooring?

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Tiles get worn out with time and may require to be removed from the wall or floor. Though this job involves a lot of physical effort, you can easily handle it yourself, provided you know the basic requirements. Alternatively, you can also hire a local handyman or a professional service provider for the job. This blog discusses the right materials and equipment you will need for the job, essential details, and how much you will have to pay if a perth tiling service does the removal.

What Tools And Materials Should You Use To Remove Old Tiles?

Like any renovation service, one of the most important requirements in the whole process is the tools. Using the right set of equipment will ensure the desired results without causing any damage or harm to the property. Before starting the work, see if you have all the tools right in front of you. If there is not enough equipment, you may have to rent them from a tool hire company or borrow them from friends.

The older the tiles, the less effort will be required. For example, you will find removing 20-year old tiles much easier than removing 5-year old ones. The possible reason is that the adhesive has reached the end of its life for the 20-year old tiles. However, in most cases, difficulty can be estimated only after starting the work. To remove tiling in your Perth house, you will need the following tools:

    • Cold chisel

    • Lump hammer

    • Knee pads

    • Dust mask

    • Vacuum

    • Safety glasses

    • Trowel

How can you remove floor tiles without breaking them?

Before starting your work, make sure you are wearing all the right protective gear, including safety glasses, thick gloves, and knee pads. These tools will protect you from possible threats posed by sharp tiles.

To remove the tiles without breaking them, you must follow the steps discussed here.

Prepare the area

First, you have to make the area suitable enough to carry out your work. 

    • Remove the furniture items and clean the whole area properly. Make sure there is no dust or debris left.

    • Removing the baseboards of your walls is necessary. If you have plans to put them up again, keep them in another room.

    • The vents must be sealed to prevent clogging by debris. For this purpose, you can use painters’ tape or plastic wraps.

    • You have to put a plastic sheet on all the furniture and surfaces to protect them from the dust generated during the tile removal. 

Remove tiles glued with adhesive

Removing tiles glued with a natural tile adhesive such as mastic will be easier than removing tiles installed with mortar. Following steps must be involved.

    • You should start your tile removing work from the furthest corner of the room because it will be easier to remove broken and chipped tiles.

    • It will be a better idea if you first break the tile and then remove it. To do that, you will be required to hold the corner of the tile, lift it with a chisel and a lump, and crack the area using a hammer. Alternatively, you can also hit the area with a hammer but ensure that the floor underneath cannot get damaged. 

    • For tiles that are difficult to remove, you have to lift them using the lump and chisel. 

    • Continue with the process until all the tiles are removed, and the floor is cleaned.

    • Once the tiles are removed, you have to now remove the tile adhesive and grout with a special adhesive remover or the tools. However, if you choose the remover, you must thoroughly read the instructions first and follow the procedure.

    • Once the whole work is done, open the window to let the fumes pass through it.

If you are not confident enough to do the process yourself, consider consulting tiling companies in Perth. In addition to floor tile removal, they also provide services for wall tiles.

Remove floor tiles installed with mortar

Though not as common as adhesive, mortar is another material used to attach tiles to different surfaces. As it is more difficult to use, most people use tile adhesive such as the mastic. Builders also avoid using it because it is also difficult to remove. Still, if the tiles in your house floor are installed with mortar, and you do not find any suitable local handyman in Perth to do the job, follow these steps.

    • First, you should place the chisel at the tile edge and start hitting it with the hammer to break the tile into manageable sections.

    • Once the tiles and mortar get broken, you have to remove the waste immediately so that the working area remains clean throughout the whole period of work. Like the previous method, you should not apply too much pressure in the hammer to avoid any permanent floor damage.

    • While facing difficulty in removing a specific tile, work patiently. Remember that mortal removal indeed takes longer when compared to the adhesive.

    • Sometimes, a cement tile board is put over a timber floor. In this case, the adhesive may become too hard, and it will be a better idea to remove the whole thing together. Removing the old underlayment will ensure a better finish.

    • You can also use a heat gun and a knife to remove the underlay.

Clean the whole area

With all the work completed, it is time to clean the whole area. For larger debris, a broom will be effective. But, for dust, you must use a vacuum. Removal of all the tiles may leave some uneven areas filled with lumps and holes. You may use thin-set mortar to the holes and scrap off the lumps. For repair services, you may also consider consulting tile repairs in Perth.

Final Words

Some repair work may be necessary after the whole work is completed. If you think you will be unable to fix them, it will be best to call a handyman Perth. They work with the right set of tools to provide a better service at a reasonable price.