How to select a seat on a Spirit flight

spirit airlines seat selection
spirit airlines seat selection

When you reserve a flight, picking your seat is important. However, you can relax because you can choose where you want to sit by paying a fee, if you are flying with Spirit Airlines. This helps make your trip more comfortable.

Still, Spirit will just give you a random one for free, if you do not choose a seat. But be aware, this might not be coming to your family or friends. So, it’s stylish to pick your seats quickly to be sure you are together with your loved ones.

Spirit Airlines has a good seat selection policy that gives you flexibility in choosing seats. It’s designed to help customers and make things easier for you. Below, you will find further about how Spirit Airlines lets you choose your seats.

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Spirit Airlines Seat Selection Policy

It’s important to know their rules, if you are flying with Spirit Airlines and need to pick your seats. Here is a quick summary of their seat selection policy

  • You can choose your seats online before 24 hours of your flight’s scheduled departure.
  • If you do not choose seats, you will be given random ones at check- in. But remember, this does not guarantee you will sit with your trip companion.
  • Visit Spirit Airlines’ official website to speak your seats ahead of time.
  • You can pick your favorite seats for a small service fee.
  • Consider purchasing Big Front Seats for 32% more legroom and extra benefits.

How to Choose Your Seats on Spirit Airlines

If you want to pick where you sit on a Spirit Airlines flight, you’ve got a few options:

On Spirit Airlines’ Website

Go to Spirit Airlines’ official website. Click on the “My Trip” section. Put the traveler’s last name and the booking confirmation code on it. Click on ‘Pick my seat’ and choose where you want to sit. The screen will show you the prices for different seats. Pay for the seats you’ve chosen.

At Check-in

When you check-in, share your booking details like the traveler’s last name and booking ID. Pick your seats during the check-in process. Pay for the seats you’ve selected.

By Phone

Dial Spirit Airlines telephone no. 8557283555.

  • Give particular attention to the instructions provided by the automated system.
  • Follow the menu options provided.
  • Wait to connect to a customer service representative.
  • Provide your travel information and specify the seats you want.
  • Pay for the seats over the phone.

Are Spirit Airlines Seats Smaller?

Spirit Airlines seats come in different sizes:

  • Front-row seats: These are 36 inches in pitch and 18.5 inches wide.
  • -Economy seats: They have a 28-inch pitch and are 17.5 inches wide.

You can pick a seat based on your preferences. Front-row seats offer more legroom and space. The larger “big front seats” are wider and don’t have a middle seat.

What Are Seats Like in the Spirit?

Spirit Airlines focuses on passenger comfort with these seat benefits:

  • They recline for comfortable learning.
  • There’s enough room for your knees to move.
  • The seat cushion offers extra comfort during long flights.
  • New wide headrests support the neck and head.

Can You Select Seats on Spirit After Booking?

Yes, you can choose seats on Spirit flights:

  • Payment is required for seat selection.
  • Seats can be chosen after booking or during check-in.
  • Gold or silver class members can select seats for free.
  • Seat availability on the desired flight will determine selection.

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What if You Don’t Pick a Seat on Spirit Airlines

If you don’t select a seat on a Spirit Airlines flight, they’ll assign one for you after check-in. This seat might not be very comfy, and it might not be close to your family or friends if you’re traveling together. To steer clear of this, you can use Spirit’s seat assignment service. It lets you choose the seat you want for a more enjoyable trip.

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