How to Select the Right Necklace Length?

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Are you attempting to determine the ideal chain length or necklace length? Which necklace sizes and designs—chain or pendant—will work best for your neckline? Or are you simply unsure where to begin regarding necklace kinds and lengths?

We are aware that the solution can be complex. Additionally, we are aware that looking put together and making a style statement depends greatly on doing it right.

We created this helpful length guide because we want to assist you in deciding what will work best when you browse for pendants and wholesale silver handmade necklaces. It includes a valuable women’s necklace length chart with inches and cm. also helpful measurements advice for a necklace or pendant.

Chart of Necklace Length

Most of the conventional lengths for women’s necklaces, pendants, and chains you’ll find online are covered by the chart of necklace lengths below. From this, you may get a better idea of where each length will likely fall on a woman’s frame.

But remember that everyone has a different body type, so if you’re unsure, we advise you to take the time to measure in front of a mirror to check what will fit you.

Most Popular Necklace Length

Necklaces that are standard (or princess) length (about 45 cm or 18″) are the most popular and suitable for most occasions. This is probably the length you want if you want a necklace or pendant to wear daily.

This length will typically fall over the top of the crew neck and other high-necked apparel or above the neckline of lower-cut items. Wearing a pendant this long will sit in a lovely V shape, framing your face.

Try a matinee-length necklace (about 55 cm or 22″) if you are tall or have a larger frame for a similar appearance.

How to Measure For a Chain, Necklace, or Pendant

The simplest method is to use a necklace that already fits you or your outfit as a guide. A tape measure can be used to If you don’t already have a necklace, you can use some string, ribbon, or a soft measuring tape to determine the size that will fit you.

Working things out will be considerably more straightforward if you do it while facing a mirror. To better understand how various lengths will fit on you, you might need a safety pin or someone else to hold the ends together.

While you’re doing this, why not have fun and try on a variety of outfits? You can experiment with different necklace lengths to determine which will go best with each outfit. Lastly, remember that pendants typically hang in a V form rather than with a gentle curve. To determine where the bottom of the pendant will rest on you, you also need to consider the piece’s length.

Which Length of the Necklace Will Fit Your Neckline?

A fantastic strategy to step up your jewelry game is to know which wholesale sterling silver necklaces and chain sizes will work for you and the outfits you want to wear. To determine which lengths will be most effective in particular situations, look at our helpful necklace style table below. But remember that nothing beats checking what works in the real world in front of a mirror.


  • close to the neck’s base
  • Although it looks fantastic with various outfits, off-the-shoulder, crew, and boat necklines should go particularly well with this length. This length might not be for you if you have a larger frame or don’t like tighter necklaces.


  • across the collarbone
  • It is the length that is most frequently bought. It will go nicely with most outfits that allow for wearing a necklace and flatter most ladies. If the pendant on the necklace is in the shape of a V, it will probably look fabulous with a v-neck, surplice, or sweetheart neckline.


  • On the bust or several centimeters below
  • High necklines, including turtlenecks and boat necks, look great with this length. It’s a stylish option for evening wear as well. You might even be able to wear an opera length wrapped around your neck more than once to create a double-stranded collar or choker, depending on the size and your build.


  • Depending on how it is worn, it varies.
  • Any necklace that is longer than opera size is considered a rope. To create a double-stranded necklace, rope necklaces are typically meant to be looped around your neck several times. You might also be able to fold them in half and create a lariat by looping one end through the fold.

Necklace layered

  • Varies according to choice
  • Layering necklaces are a type of grouping of necklaces that are typically worn in different lengths. You can choose what looks good and how to mix and match layered necklaces with a wide variety of necklines.

No Necklace

  • In general, it may be advisable to wear more oversized statement earrings and cocktail rings instead of a necklace if you are wearing a shallow plunge neckline or a high halter neck.

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