Photography entered your life as a leisure activity, in the end becoming one of your extraordinary interests, to such an extent that now you need to give yourself to it professionally. You actually need to have your own studio. We give you here every one of the prompts effectively set up a photograph studio at home, with a little venture.

At the point when you consider a photograph studio, the primary thing that strikes a chord is that it should be costly and appear as though a major room brimming with studio glimmers and huge softboxes that nearly arrive at the ceiling. But nothing could be further from reality…

Setting up a photograph studio at home is exceptionally straightforward, if you can rely on fundamental frill that can be collapsed for simple storage. And consequently observe your typical lounge, regardless of whether it is your room or your parlor, when the studio has been cleaned up.

Get the best work equipment

Once you have cleared a bit of the room or part of it you will need to practice the chosen photo discipline, you will have to think about the work equipment you will need and again, without it doesn’t have to be expensive.


We must first take into account the background. Many photographers simply choose the wall to make a white background, then retouch their images if necessary in post-production. But this is not always advisable because you can lose hours retouching this background to give priority to the subject.

Other photographers prefer to place a white sheet in the context of a photo studio at home, but care must be taken to avoid creases and creases in the sheet that may occur, as this can cause areas of light and shadow, which which will mean more work in post-production.

Finally, the most recommended option, although not mandatory: studio backgrounds. They are designed in foldable materials, so they can be installed in just a few seconds.

There are photographic backgrounds of almost all colors and all textures (wood, bokeh, stone…) but the most recommended for a photo studio at home is a white background. Indeed, it will be easier to retouch in post-production, on the one hand, and with the use of color gels, on the other hand, you will be able to produce very creative effects.


Softboxes are specially designed for product photography. They provide completely homogeneous, delicate and shadow-free lighting, reflecting the natural color of the product.

There are many options but if you want a photo studio at home on the cheap, then this proposal will interest you and not only a little:

These are the Folio 1 and 2 portable mini-studios. Softboxes with a compact and foldable volume that can be installed in a few seconds but which also feature LED lights for incomparable exposure.


Once you know the most suitable background for a photo studio at home, comes an essential element: lighting.

As we have seen, natural light can be very useful, but to control the lighting in your photos as much as possible, you will need points of light that you can control as you wish, such as cobra flashes or torches LEDs.

You will choose one or the other depending on the results you want, although both options are great. Make sure you know how to use these points of light. There is no point in having expensive or state-of-the-art lighting equipment if you don’t know how to use it well.

This is why this flash will be an essential source of light to make the most of your photo studio at home.


Light modifiers are accessories that control the direction and strength of the light produced by the flash.

There are lots of light modifiers with very different characteristics, whether for editing or for the possibilities they offer, but in this case for a photo studio at home, we will have to choose those that take up the least space. or which are easy to store.

Folding reflector

With this accessory, you can blur, absorb or reflect the light, for the benefit of a soft and homogeneous lighting on your shots, and fill or eliminate the shadows or, do the opposite: accentuate them (depending on the effect wanted at all times):

It is an essential light modifier for your photo studio at home because as it is also foldable, it can be stored easily.

Softbox windows

As indicated by DZOFilm, a softbox is an accessory in the form of a box with opaque walls -except one which is translucent-, specially designed to be installed on a flash.

Once the flash is placed inside the softbox window, the light projected by this flash will reflect on the translucent face of the inside of the window.

That’s why it’s an essential accessory for a home photo studio. There are loads of folding windows that you can install on your flash in seconds.

Other accessories

Other accessories of great use are the translucent umbrellas, the snoots, the honeycombs, the triggers, the supports or even the beauty dish. These are especially useful for fashion or beauty photography because the features of the subject are accentuated.

Accessories that can be installed and removed in seconds, thanks to their magnetic technology, and which can be folded and stored in any corner of your home. Not only will this accessory make the most of the flash light, but it will also give super creative results with its included color gels.