How To Stop The Cycle Of Pain During the Rehab Process?


There is nothing else quite like experiencing the joy of suffering and all of the awfulness that comes with it to wake one up from the pit of ignorance as it can do. When you reach this point, you are in a position where you are ideally primed and in a position of sheer motivation to find the reason for the suffering. The realization that we are entangled in a labyrinth of discord inspires a level of eagerness and effort in us that we were not previously aware we possessed, and it motivates us to take whatever solutions and treatment steps are necessary to alleviate the suffering we are experiencing, even if those steps involve praying to the God of our own understanding for assistance.

Suddenly, that is when it happens, that is when the solution comes and the ensuing joy that follows the solution, which can sometimes even happen simultaneously with the solution. This realization occurred to me not too long ago. I like to think of it as a revelation since the answer was so straightforward and straightforward that it was deep. It had always been a part of me in some way. To be more specific, the type of pain I am referring to is psychic pain, which is the type of mental anguish that makes you want to go to bed because you are so depleted of energy, frustrated, and somewhat confused, but not enough to actually fall asleep.

You, on the other hand, if you are anything like the alcoholic or addict that I am, will most likely curl up into the fetal position and obsess about the interaction or exchange that led to you being in this place of anguish. You keep replaying the event, which represents the resentment, in your head like a ticker tape as you try to identify the specific factor that brought this anguish to the surface and led it to follow you like a shadow at night.

Before I had an intervention, went to rehab, and for a long time, before I became a member of Alcoholics Anonymous, the psychic agony would be so great and so painful that I would use any form of prescription medicine that I had access to in order to find relief from it.

That is not a viable choice any longer. My solution is to make use of the steps that will shed light on an incident, acknowledge my role in it, reclaim my power, and forgive myself. After that, when a situation that is analogous to the one I was in before arises, I will be present enough to stop myself from acting in a way that caused me so much pain in the past. I think that is the turning point when suffering turns into delight.

If you are able to pause long enough to acknowledge your role in the painful situation, acknowledge that you are no longer a victim of the situation, and as a result, have faith that you will never have to experience that pain again or allow someone to trigger you in that way again, then there is no longer a reason to regret the painful situation.

Getting sober gives you a chance to be present, and being present gives you the power to quit repeating the mistakes of the past. All of a sudden, you are standing in your power and your beauty, defining your future, and making your choice regarding your fate with grace. Get in touch with a treatment facility as soon as possible if you or a loved one is battling with a substance use disorder or alcoholism.