How to Unclog a Toilet

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Toilet Problems?

Hi I am sure if you are searching for a way to unclog your toilet, this is one of the most Plumber near me a home owner is confronted with. Let me first say this


1. First thing turn your water supply valve off- this is located to the lower left of the toilet tank approx. 6″ up from the floor. Remember the old saying lefty loosey righty tighty. Now turn your valve to the right(clockwise). Note- On older plumbing systems these valves some times seize open, if this happens you can either go for your water main valve to the house and shut that off. But be careful because that could be a delicate task also.

2. Second, If you do succeed in shutting the water off to the toilet, then you are off to a good start. Now you can take a plunger if available and try to plunge the toilet bowl a few times with the bowl full of water. If you have too much paper and solids in the toilet try to empty the contents of the bowl into a bucket and discard to another toilet.

3. If plunging does not work then fill a pot with hot water and pour it into the bowl until you reach about half way up the bowl, the hot water may loosen up any solid clog in the toilet trap. Let the warm water work for you, after a few minutes try to plunge again. Sometimes you can fill the bucket up with water and pour it forcefully into your bowl causing a syphon action and pulling the contents in the bowl down the drain with the hot water.

4. If you are successful with this you will know if you see all contents going down the drain allowing you to hear a suction noise. At this point turn your water supply on slowly refilling your toilet tank and proceed to flush your toilet normally.