How to Use a T-Shirt Machine

How to Use a T-Shirt Machine

Do you wish to run your own knitwear printing company? To start a business in this market, you must carefully choose a t-shirt making machine.
What kinds of t-shirt manufacturing equipment are there?
To transfer or print pictures on meshes, there are several available methods. But the machine that produces t-shirts most often is:
Transfer, silk screen (or serigraphy), sublimation, and digital transfer are the four methods.
Each of them has unique characteristics, particularly in terms of the transfer/printing format, colours, and appropriate textiles (which directly affect the final result).
Therefore, let’s look at the many kinds of knits for t-shirts before we explain each of the printing procedures.

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How is the printing procedure for t-shirts carried out?

There are several kinds of t-shirt printing machines, as we have seen. Learn about each of the procedures below:

It is just a thermal transfer that involves printing the desired print and pressing it (at a high temperature) onto the shirt. As a result, the mesh is not coloured; rather, it just acquires an additional coating of glue.

There is no minimum print run requirement for this inexpensive t-shirt printer. The “adhesive” may fade, peel, or split after a few washes, therefore the transfer quality isn’t the greatest.

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Stamping is a kind of heat transfer. However, in this instance, the solid state sublimation ink evaporates and enters the fabric fibres after being pressed at high temperatures.

There are no restrictions on the simultaneous usage of colours in sublimation. However, it only works well with white shirts and synthetic knits that are dry and cool. These specifications ensure the print’s quality and longevity.

The Silk screen t-shirt printing machine uses a variety of screens with cutouts that are positioned on top of the materials and has a high output value. The meshes are manually dyed with the aid of the inks and distribution rollers.

Because a fresh canvas with cuts must be made for each colour, it is perfect for huge print runs.

The most technologically advanced product on the market is digital printing. This t-shirt printing device works similarly to a printer that is dying paper in that it transfers the images to the materials.

The prints are swiftly absorbed by the fabric due to the water-based inks, and the piece’s quality is very similar to that of a silk screen.

This kind of device enables customised printing in a variety of colours (even on dark textiles). Although it is relatively simple and quick, the price of the tools and ink is significant.

Which t-shirt printing device is the best?
As noted above, it’s crucial to take your objectives into account when selecting the finest t-shirt printing machine for your company. You should also think about the technical assistance that is offered. It’s simpler to make that choice now that you are aware of the key possibilities available, don’t you think?

When buying an equipment, be sure to inquire about the support provided. Keep in mind that if your equipment breaks, you will be unable to continue billing. As a result, you will need prompt and professional assistance.

Consult forums on this subject and get feedback from those who already own the model you want to buy. Before you sign the contract, find out whether you may return the item if it doesn’t fit.

One of the most crucial tasks in opening a business in this market is purchasing a t-shirt printing machine. As a result, it is advisable to do extensive investigation before making a purchase since you will be accountable for the calibre of the goods you offer.