How to Use Furniture Blankets for Protective Packing?


If you are planning to move to or from Chennai then it would be better that you plan your move in a way that you find all your possessions in the same condition as they were in the previous house. It would be advisable that you hire packers and movers in Chennai so that you can experience a happy and safe move.

It would be better that you take these things in your consideration and take all the major steps and best packing supplies to pack your possessions in the best way. Moving blankets are thick and provide the best covering to your valuable supplies so you should always apply a layer of it on your essential items so that you can protect them in the best possible way. Here are some of the tips that will help you in packing your essential household valuables with moving blankets:

1. Some basic steps

If the furniture pieces that you are moving with you are of the best quality but when they will experience the bumps on the road then the only thing that is going to protect them is furniture blankets because they are much protective and absorbs all the hits and doesn’t let any of the possessions get affected because of it. This is something that is going to be the most protective thing for your valuables because these hits produce cracks on delicate possessions or even break them when the force is heavy.

2. Usage of furniture blankets

This category of packing supply is supposed to be used on large, bulky, delicate and oversized possessions of your house. These blankets reduce the risk of damaged that is prone during the process of lifting and loading. This is something that is very important for any delicate or prone to damage item so that you find it in the same condition even after the move.

In maximum of the houses hallways and doorways are congested so it is always better that you protect them properly so that they can easily pass through them. Even if the item you are carrying with you hits the wall or the door of your house then it will not cause any damage to it because furniture blanket will cover the outer area of your belonging.

3. Determine how many blankets you exactly need

The number of blankets that you need depends on the possessions that you have with you so that you can decide accordingly. Before you begin with the process of packing it is important that you should go to every room of your house and examine the items that will be protected with the help of moving blanket. Here is the list of belongings that will require moving blanket for protective packing:

• lamps and side tables

• Small and big kitchen appliances

• Bar stools and chairs

• Sofas

• Chairs

• Pool tables

• Office desks

• Eating tables

• Washing machine

• Dining table set

• Headboards

4. Rent or buy moving blankets?

If you rent your moving blankets then it will be advantageous for you for two reasons that you will have to pay much lesser amount than what can cost you if you purchase them and the other reason is that moving blankets acquire a lot of space if you store them so if you don’t have much storage space in your house. If you have both these constraints then it would be better that you rent all these moving blankets.

If you can reuse your moving blankets then it would be better that you purchase. These moving blankets are costly so if you don’t have any issues with money then you can definitely buy them and if you move quiet often then also you can buy them for sure.

You can check these moving blankets either on the stores near your house that have all the packing supplies that you can use for your move or you can also order the supplies online so that you don’t have to go physically to any store in order to save time from your work.

Ways for using all these moving blankets

It is very important to pack your possessions with moving blankets properly and make sure you secure them well with the possessions that you have with you for the move:

• You should clean the floor so that you can set the moving blanket over it

• Make sure that the blanket faces the clean side up

• Then keep that item in the center of the blanket

• make sure you position it properly before packing it up

• Fold all the sides properly and then tape it

• Then apply the tape over it to fold it with the help of a band

These are the ways to use moving blankets over your possessions but if you think that you will not be able to do it on your own then it would be better that you hire movers and packers in Chennai for better convenience and guidance.

Have a smooth move!