How to Use Yellow in Your Home Decor?

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It is very interesting to know about colour psychology in home decoration and interior design because an experienced architect can use any colour with great perfection but any random person will never know how & where to use anything. Most people avoid using yellow as it’s a very dark and bright colour but it’s a charming and living colour that can make any setting mesmerizing because it is the colour of sunlight & sunflowers. If you are planning to design or renovate your home then take help from Top fit out companies in Dubai or Home renovation Dubai to have the best look of your home. Here are some of the tips to use yellow colour in your home.

Sunshine hue:

Yellow colour is best to use in small spaces because it can make a small space spacious within no time. Its warmth can make any place friendly and open so if you are renovating your home then just paint yellow colour on walls as it will give your home a completely new look without spending much cost. It is preferable to paint yellow colour in basements, hallways and corridors to make these spaces look more open and large. Lemon Yellow and saffron are best for corridors and spaces that are dark without sunlight.

Yellow furnishing:

You have planned for a get- together or a family gathering and there is not sufficient time to make essential renovations. You can make small changes like placing an armchair of yellow colour, a buttercup yellow lounge chair, a rustic yellow wooden headboard or any other item having a yellow base because it will give a charming look and will instantly brighten up the living or family space.

Adding up sparkle:

Another great way is to incorporate yellow coloured accessories into the house like flower baskets, vases, lanterns or chandelier stands because all these will add ambience to the home. You can also put some yellow colour carpets, blankets or rugs into the room to add warmth to the surface this winter. This will not overburden the home but will change its glowing look very quickly.

4) Rule 60- 30- 10:

This is the rule to use a yellow colour to give the room or place a yellow hue ambience. Use any dominant shade with 60 per cent colour and then use any secondary colour with 30 per cent and then add any accent colour with 10 per cent to the room. It is advised to use any other colour furnishing or interior as the dominant colour and use other both colours as yellow with any light or darker shade because some people like to add bright colour or others like to have a lighter shade.

Add yellow to a kitchen:

The yellow colour can be added to the kitchen by making yellow cabinets or drawers. This will give the entire home an inspiring look and you can also add some yellow lights to the cabinets that will glow the entire home at night.

Yellow doors:

It looks awkward that how yellow colour doors will look like but doors are mostly overlooked adding yellow colour to the doors will make it more trendy and welcoming for the new visitors and guests. The doors of the hallway, corridor or drawing room must be in any shade of yellow colour as a friendly gesture.

Spread it:

The yellow colour can be best when it’s spread around all over in different kinds like a yellow table sheet, a vase in yellow, any lemon yellow tart or any other items. It doesn’t look cool when it’s concentrated in a single place because it will give a burdened look to

the whole house or room in this way so just put some little yellow items that are spread all around the home.

Yellow in the library:

Most people love to read books and they have set up their libraries at home. This is great to have a yellow colour in the library in different colours like you may have tables or chairs of yellow, windows or bookshelves painted with yellow colour. The secret behind this yellow colour is that it will have a good impact on your mood, the cosiness and warmth that it provide will make you comfortable during your study period. Also, it will help you to retain all the information in your mind as this is called a living colour.


These are some of the tips to make use of yellow colour in your home. Yellow is becoming the new trend because it gives a fresh look to the home without any daunting effort and also doesn’t overburden when it comes to the budget so most people use it while renovating their house. Hire an expert from Decor design for a restaurant UAE to have the best look for your home design.