How to verify the file of Blue World City

How to verify the file of Blue World City


Blue World City Islamabad is an under-construction housing project in the Rawalpindi and Islamabad. It has the potential to become one of the most innovative and extravagant project that aims to completely transform the entire landscape of the city. It would comprise of abundant facilities for its real estate investors due to its revolutionary nature. The owners of this housing project have got the legal approval for many of its sectors. It is a owned by Blue group of companies, and a famous Chinese engineering firm known as Shah Jian Municipal Engineering.

Location & Map

Different real estate investors inspect location of a housing project, where they plan to invest their capital. Location plays an important role, as it denotes the beauty and accessibility of the housing project. So, the Blue World City has an ideal location, as it would locatable at Chakri Road. Moreover, it is also adjacent to M2 main Lahore-Islamabad Motorway alongside New Islamabad Airport. After the construction of Ring Road, it would be very easy to access this housing project especially through Giga Mall, and Bahria Town Islamabad.

How to Verify Blue World City Files

When the investors receive the plot file, it is rightly mandatory for them to validate those file at least for once. There could be huge problems, if there are no legal approval of the file. Since majority of the sectors of this housing project have legal approval from Capital Development Authority, so there won’t be any issue of file verification. Also the registration process would smoother more than before.

Online Verification of the file

As we are living in the technological era of globalization, where every activity is done through the system of internet. So, the owners of this housing project are also creating a Blue World City verification system through internet, which would make it easy for real estate investors residing abroad to register a plot and get huge profits from it. So, internet File Verification these days is really supportive for the investors, who have a goal to verify their file of their Blue World City without any need to travel. Confirmation of NOC file through internet is significant to avoid any postponement, as there are relatively less probabilities of any human mistake. An online internet verification is the simplest procedure to authenticate lawful properties, and the owners are available to help out their clients.

Verifying Application Number

The investors must definitely check whether the application number is appropriately stated within the plot document. If the application figure does not have any similarity to the 20-rupee note attached with the plot document, then some sections would need to go for an assessment. Also, as every individual knows that it is mandatory to authenticate the file validation before concluding the legal reports, so one should try to replicate this feature before receiving the document.

Verifying the payment plan

It is very important for the investors to authenticate the payment plan, if they don’t want to face any problem. The real estate agents are normally not exclusively aware about the payment plan, which create more problems in future development. So, one must verify the file too before they get it. In majority of the cases, illegal representatives are behind the untruthful data or registration.


File verification is without any reason an important feature for any real estate venture. Therefore, it may be really significant to consider and inspect all type of evidences stated above to verify the plot dossier. Also, if you have interest in your Blue World City File Verification, we suggest you to talk to the real estate professionals of Estate Land Marketing. Our agents would be available to assist the real estate investors in the plot confirmation of this housing project without any hurdle.