How Truck Repair Service Calgary Serves You Better?


Vehicle maintenance is a costly and complex task, one that most drivers try to avoid. But the truth is that neglecting your truck’s needs could result in bigger problems down the road. New West Truck Centres offer a broad range of Truck Repair Service Calgary and maintenance services to help you better maintain your rig at a competitive price.

Our knowledgeable mechanics are fully equipped with the latest diagnostic and repair equipment from Bosch, Cummins, and Detroit Diesel. It guarantees that we can accurately pinpoint problems instantly. We can also access online service information for your rig based on the VIN to avoid unnecessary delays due to misdiagnosis or ordering the wrong parts.

Benefits of Truck Repair Service Calgary

  1. Diagnose and repair your vehicle on the spot to avoid unnecessary delays
  2. Full truck gauge system access allows us to diagnose and repair your rig without the need for complicated calibration tests
  3. Repairing problems on-site ensures that you don’t have to depend on confusing service manuals or wait for your parts in the mail
  4. Ensure that your rig is safe to drive with our comprehensive Vehicle Inspection Report
  5. Save time and money by repairing problems as soon as they arise rather than letting them worsen
  6. Work on your Truck Repair Service Calgary at your convenience with late evening and weekend hours available for an additional fee
  7. Complete vehicle recall information available for free to ensure that you have all the information at hand before starting repairs or maintenance jobs on your rig
  8. Have problems addressed immediately with on-site truck service and maintenance programs available for a single flat fee regardless of the number of services completed

Why Choose Our Services?

  1. We are a trusted source for Truck Repair Service Calgary and maintenance in Calgary
  2. Our trained mechanics have more than 35 years of experience in diagnosing and repairing truck malfunctions on all makes/models
  3. Qualified technicians take the time to understand your rig’s needs so that we can identify problems quickly by simply checking your vehicle’s VIN and the manufacturer’s service information pages online rather than having to rely on confusing service manuals or complicated calibration tests
  4. Our equipment allows us to quickly troubleshoot problems and repair them on-site without having to refer to complicated manuals or wait for your parts in the mail
  5. Professional Mobile Truck Repair Service Calgary technicians at our various locations across Calgary come fully equipped with several years of experience and advanced training from top experts in the field who keep abreast of all the latest technology developments and repairs
  6. Our broad range of services includes truck repair service, preventive maintenance, engine repair, fuel injection system repair, and much more
  7. Save money by eliminating unnecessary repairs
  8. Question answered by our highly trained staff in minutes
  9. Customer service is available to help with all your needs 24/7, including weekends and evenings

In addition to our comprehensive services and many years of experience, we also offer many other services. We can repair your truck’s brake, steering, suspension, engine, and transmission if necessary. We can also provide specialized repair and maintenance services for specific areas of your rig, like the air suspension system, engine, transmission, and much more.


New West Truck Centers offer professional Truck Repair Service Calgary and maintenance at competitive prices. We guarantee that we can help you better maintain your rig at an affordable price. Our quick and easy diagnostic system allows us to instantly identify problems and provide fast, accurate, and convenient truck service and maintenance available on the spot. We can also provide on-site repair services for a single flat fee regardless of the number of services completed. Contact us today at (403) 569 4800.