How to Keep Your Blinds Steady & Secure When the Wind Blows?

new outdoor blinds in Sydney

It is essential to block out light to get a comfy environment in your home. But it can get annoying when your window opens, and your blinds start dancing in the wind. The continuous clanging and swaying of the fabric blinds can cause a distraction while you’re reading a book, watching television or trying to relax on the couch. However, you can try to fix this issue by implementing some of the measures explained below:

  • Make use of adhesive strips to bond your blinds to curtail the movement.
  • Use weight discs to weigh the blinds down.
  • Cover your plastic or wooden window frames to silence the sound of banging blinds.

But, these methods aren’t appealing to the eye. It’s the very nature of blinds to hang freely within the frame; they will often experience movement at the slightest force of the wind. With time, this can wear your blinds and test your patience. Is there any other option to fabric blinds for privacy and sunlight control?

Outdoor Blinds

new outdoor blinds in Sydney

PVC outdoor blinds or mesh shade provide shade control during the day and essential privacy at night. These blinds are installed outside the window and offer various benefits. Mesh blinds are built for the outside, creating a simple and minimalist design for your home. So you don’t have to bother about unsightly blinds hanging in front of your window. 

Outdoor blinds are firmly installed while retaining the ability to open and close to control or allow sunlight. Secure fitment means there is no space to be blown by the wind, so there are no disturbing banging sounds anymore.

Furthermore, you can integrate motorised technology into your outdoor blinds to remotely open your blinds from anywhere in your house. If you don’t want your blinds to blow in the wind, install outdoor blinds in Sydney today and transform all your home windows and glass walls into a modern and elegant design.

Top Features of Outdoor Blinds:

outdoor blinds

  • Powder-coated, aluminium frames.
  • Mesh is available in varied levels of openness.
  • Mesh blinds provide an extensive range of fabric colors.
  • Mesh offers protection and privacy from insects and weather.
  • Outdoor blinds vanish into a classy head box when fully retracted.

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