Industrial facilities often require an efficient cooling system to keep operations running smoothly. HVLS fans are the best choice for these environments, as they provide an efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly way to keep your facility cool.

These large-diameter fans can move massive amounts of air, creating a comfortable environment for workers and reducing energy costs. HVLS fans from AmeriWind are also quiet, low-maintenance, and durable, making them the perfect choice for industrial facilities.

  • How HVLS fans save energy

HVLS fans save energy by increasing airflow in a facility. This increased airflow leads to lower indoor temperatures, which, in turn, reduces energy consumption. By lowering the indoor temperature, you can reduce the amount of air conditioning necessary to keep your facility cool with these big industrial ceiling fans.

This has a direct impact on your energy consumption, as air conditioning accounts for a significant portion of commercial energy use. By reducing the amount of energy needed to keep your facility cool, HVLS fans save you money.

  • How HVLS fans reduce maintenance costs

HVLS fans increase airflow, which reduces the amount of debris in your facility. This debris, commonly known as air pollution, can clog ducting and cause expensive maintenance issues. By reducing air pollution, HVLS ceiling fans reduce the need for maintenance.

Debris and dust can clog up ducting, causing expensive maintenance issues. If your facility experiences high amounts of dust, HVLS fans can remove up to 95% of it.

  • How HVLS fans improve air quality

HVLS fans improve air quality by reducing airborne particles, such as dust and bacteria. By reducing these particles, HVLS fans can improve air quality. Cleaner air has several benefits, including reduced health issues among workers.

HVLS big industrial ceiling fans reduce the amount of particles in the air, which also reduces the amount of particles in the ducting. This can reduce the amount of cleaning needed, saving you money on maintenance.

  • HVLS fan installation considerations

HVLS fans are large, heavy fans that require special installation considerations. Due to their size, HVLS fans require larger support beams than smaller fans. You’ll also need a different type of electrical outlet to power an HVLS fan from AmeriWind, as they draw more power than smaller fans. However, these installation requirements also mean that HVLS ceiling fans are a more powerful choice than smaller fans.