Nurse Seo Yeon Joo (Choi Sooyoung) and also Yoon Gyeo Rye (Ji Chang Wook) act as pair towards approve Im Se Hee’s wish. Interested approximately exactly just what took place in “If You Wish After Me” episode 4? At that point keep reading!

‘If You Wish After Me’ Episode 4: Team Genie Towards Celebrity in Music Participate in Along with Im Se Hee

Im Se Hee (Park Jin Joo) desire for doing in a music just before she perishes. After Kang Tae Sik (Sung Dong Il) persuaded actor Pyo Gyu Tae (Minutes Wook Hyuk) towards fulfill Se Hee, the cancer cells individual handed the manuscript she created and also appoint Team Genie participants towards participate in the participate in.

As she gone over the account along with the appoint, Im Se Hee claimed that Yoon Gyeo Rye and also Nurse Seo Yeon Joo must represent duties as a odd pair. Considering that they keep squabble day-to-day, they are actually best for the claimed personalities.

Team Genie equipped towards rehearse their phase obstructing and product series. At the same time, actor Pyo Gyu Tae, that was actually reluctant in the beginning towards meet Im Se Hee’s wish, located themself participating in the group’s technique and also aimed to keep comprised facing all of them.

Dr. Yang Acquires Envious of Yoon Gyeo Rye

Dr. Yang Chi Hun (Shin Joo Hwan) is actually versus the approach of how Team Genie participants meet the dreams of the cancer cells individuals. Yet he can not aid yet enjoy coming from afar, specifically Nurse Seo as he has actually increasing emotions for her.

He also observed that Seo Yeon Joo appears delighted everytime she is actually along with the newbie offer. The medical professional intended to present his love towards Nurse Seo yet could not locate the nerve specifically since Yoon Gyeo Rye is actually right now part of Team Genie.

Yoon Gyeo Rye Begins Towards Treatment For Seo Yeon Joo

Team Genie started setting up and also taking care of the place for the future music participate in. They possessed a terrific opportunity all together, and also Yoon Gyeo Rye began to construct minds along with people.

At the same time, Seo Yeon Joo consistently recorded Yoon Gyeo Rye’s focus. He acquired interested approximately the tattoo on Seo’s equip, and also the nurse at that point discussed the account responsible for it.

After recognizing approximately Nurse Seo’s past times approximately her mommy, Gyro Rye started towards recognize the explanation responsible for her early morning workout sessions. She intends to increase toughness for the individuals, as it was actually she did not have when her mommy was actually passing away as a result of a health problem.

Ever since, the offer person began to obtain mindful of his activity towards the hospice nurse. When he listened to Dr. Yang chew out her, Yoon right away represented Seo Yeon Joo, which constructed a new strain in between Yang Chi Hun and also Yoon Gyeo Rye.

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