Importance of regular first aid training on factory floors

COSM Training

First aid given on time can prevent many industrial injuries to worsen into serious injuries. If you are operating an industrial unit of any kind, you will be very well served by hiring an occupational safety expert that has undergone First Aid CPR AED Training and COSM Training. Almost all modern industrial setups have gone through massive automation and robotic integration. However, professionals are still needed to oversee things and there are many delicate aspects in many industries where manual intervention or processing is the only practical choice. Since the workers need to be careful about the safety of their peers as well as their own safety, they need to be regularly trained in dealing with emergency medical interventions like first aid, CPR, and AED.

COSM Training

All production and floor managers as well as all personnel involved in supervisory roles of all kinds in the workshop should be well-versed in basic medical interventions. Hence, It is best to get a Certificate for Occupational Safety Managers training, also known as COSM training. This is generally a five-day training program that can be done by COSS-certified professionals as well as all those whom the company feels should have the relevant training and exposure. Having certified experts on-site at all times ensures personnel safety and can work out to be much cheaper than having to pay for multi-million dollar worker injury lawsuits. Additionally, it will also keep your team active and aware at all times while reducing the risk of any downtime because of injuries to anyone on the floor. 

First Aid CPR AED Training

These are the basic life-saving training sessions that must be held regularly and concern every single person on the production floor. In the event of an unfortunate accident, such training can be the difference between the life and death of your workers. As a responsible employer, it is advised by all trade and industry bodies that all personnel should be given the first aid CPR AED training before they even visit the production floor. These training sessions are short and are simple to understand. You should ideally also run refresher courses on a regular basis in batches so as to reduce any production level impact. 

Moreover, specially trained and certified experts should always be present in the industrial unit to attend to the immediate needs of the injured. Meanwhile, arrangements can be made to move the injured to a proper medical facility where their injuries can be given proper medical attention.