Important Factors to Consider While Buying Your Dream Car | PCH Auto World


Buying a car marks a key turning point in our lives. A car provides us with independence, allows us to avoid congested public transportation and travel with our family anytime we want.

However, deciding whether to buy used luxury car or a new one that meets our family’s demands is a challenging task. There are various things to think about, including the brand, manufacturer, model, features and accessories. It’s easy to feel puzzled and overwhelmed.

Don’t worry; we’ve simplified the process by outlining the main considerations to make when buying a new car from the luxury car dealers in Delhi.

Choosing the Right Car

Cars are divided into four categories: hatchback, sedan, SUV and MUV. There is no hard and fast rule when determining which style is ideal for you. It all depends on how often you use it, how many parking spaces are available, your budget, the size of your family, the kind of drives you take and so on.

In India, cars (and two-wheelers) are used not just for transportation but also to express one’s personality and identity. However, don’t mistake purchasing a big car solely to improve your social position.

To help you choose the proper model, ask yourself this basic question: where will I drive the car the most? A little compact hatchback is a better choice than a big SUV if you’re looking for a vehicle to commute to work and drive around the city. On the other hand, if you frequently take long drives and road trips, an SUV or crossover can be a better option.

Automatic or Manual?

Cars with automatic transmission were uncommon in India only a few years ago. However, almost all brands now offer an automatic version of each new model. Automatic transmissions are suitable for new drivers and those who travel long distances daily. This is an excellent option if you don’t want to be disturbed by repeated gear switches, especially in traffic jams and busy city highways.

On the other hand, Automatic transmission models are more expensive and provide less MPG. So, keep this trade-off in mind while deciding between an automatic and a manual option.

Diesel or Petrol? 

This is yet another crucial decision to make early in the purchasing process. Most vehicle owners chose diesel-powered engines since diesel was much less expensive than petrol.

However, with the price difference between petrol and diesel narrowing more than ever before, you can save money by choosing a petrol-powered engine.

The original cost of a diesel engine is higher, but the operating expenditures are lower. If you don’t drive the vehicle frequently, the basic guideline is to go with a petrol engine. If you’re a frequent user, on the other hand, a diesel model will last for years with little maintenance.

Analyse the Resale Value.

Automobiles are a depreciating asset. It signifies that the vehicle’s value depreciates with time. Most vehicle owners sell their existing models to upgrade to the newest model because carmakers release new models with the latest features every year on the market. As a result, the resale value of your vehicle is important in determining your decision.

Some manufacturers, such as Maruti, Toyota, Ford, Hyundai and Honda, have a high resale value, whilst others degrade quickly. Also, keep in mind that some models retain a high resale value despite the passage of time, while others do not.

While it’s impossible to predict a model’s exact resale price, it’s a good idea to shop around and explore a brand’s average resale value before committing to a certain model.

Insurance Should Not Be a Last-Minute Decision.

Whether you want to buy your first automobile or buy second hand luxury car, you’ll likely spend a good chunk of time researching the various models, brands, features, accessories and so on. Unfortunately, the same level of care is not offered when it comes to vehicle insurance.

A good car insurance policy with enough coverage protects you from financial damages in the case of a traffic accident. In India, all car owners must have at least third-party insurance. However, experts strongly advise you to purchase a comprehensive insurance policy. It protects you from third-party financial obligations and pays for damages to your vehicle in the event of an accident. 

The End Note

A car is a big purchase that requires a significant amount of time, analysis and planning. Before making a purchase, make sure to check out reputable auto review sites and talk with friends and relatives. You can also contact PCH Auto World to purchase a car!