Top In-Demand Jobs in the Canadian Province of New Brunswick

Top In-Demand Jobs in the Canadian Province of New Brunswick

Immigration to Canada is a hot process these days as people are more inclined towards living in developed countries. Immigration is a multifaceted process with numerous aspects to it. One essential aspect you should never ignore is assessing in-demand jobs in the province you are migrating to. The New Brunswick province has been on the top of the list for most migrants, and that is why we have collected a list of top in-demand jobs in this province. Keep reading this article to know more about these jobs.

In-demand jobs in New Brunswick:

The economic immigration programs to New Brunswick accounted for 84% last year. The province was a dominant target for more than 3000 immigrants last year, and the number is still increasing. With that in mind, it would be best to analyze in-demand jobs in the province before starting your application process. Here is a list of in-demand jobs you should know.

1. Family physicians:

Family physicians and specialists in this province are highly in demand. Almost 70 positions of family physicians and specialists are announced this month. These practitioners and general physicians can diagnose and treat diseases like physiological disorders and psychiatric diseases. Moreover, they can make as much money as $300K annually.

Another category is specialists who can diagnose and treat the same diseases at a more senior level. Almost the same number of posts are available for specialists in this province, and immigrants should consider this opportunity. If you want to apply for these posts and kickstart your immigration process, consider contacting Canada Immigration Delhi companies.

2. Delivery and courier services:

Delivery and courier services jobs are also in demand in the province of New Brunswick. Individuals are required to pick up various products from different spots and deliver them to the recipient’s address. Following are a few industries these individuals can work with.

  • Newspaper distributors
  • Take-out restaurants
  • Dry cleaners
  • Dairies
  • Drug stores
  • Mobile caterers
  • Messenger services companies
  • Courier companies

The growth of Amazon and other online shopping platforms has led to a boom in these jobs in Canada. Almost every province requires persons for such posts, and immigrants from any part of the world should consider these posts before applying through different immigration plans. According to resources, there are 165 posts available for delivery and courier persons in this province.

3. Nurses:

In New Brunswick, individuals who provide nursing care to patients in hospitals are also in-demand. Registered nurses and psychiatric nurses deliver health education programs and offer consultative services related to nursing practices. The demand for these jobs is driving up, and almost 268 positions are available this December.

Immigrants can apply to these jobs in this province as there are high chances of getting selected. Being an applicant, you need to have the relevant education and experience and all other requirements to stand eligible. You can make as much as $87K annually, which is a handsome amount.

4. Financial and investment analysts:

Financial analysts and investment experts always provide useful insights on various fronts to companies. Their job roles include tasks like:

  • Economic forecasts
  • Analyzing trading volumes
  • Movement of capital
  • Analyzing financial backgrounds of companies
  • Assessing historical performances
  • Analyzing future trends of stocks

The province of New Brunswick has almost 47 positions open for these individuals this December. Immigrants should apply for economic immigration programs to get access to these posts.

These roles are expected to grow in number as the Job Bank predicted that there would be a shortfall of 600 professionals in the coming years. It could be a golden opportunity for you if you are from a financial background. Consider starting your application with immigration consultants today!

5. Administrative assistants:

Individuals who take care of administrative duties can assume the role of administrative assistants, and there are plenty available in Canada. These individuals have several duties to perform during their job, and some of these roles are enlisted here.

  • Prepare and edit correspondence
  • Prepare and edit invoices
  • Presentations
  • Brouchers
  • Prepare and edit publications
  • Analyze and proofread reports and other related materials

These individuals also coordinate the flow of information from one department to another using mails and other sources. Currently, there are 112 jobs available for such roles, and immigrants could be well-off with these. Administrative assistants can earn hefty amounts by working 37.5 hours per week. It does not sound as complicated as we think it is; all you need is relevant education and work experience.

Kickstart your immigration application with consultants!

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