In this list, I’ve put together 22 films that could help breathe some life into this dying adventure franchise


22 Movies That Could Help Fix The Wizarding World Of “Harry Potter”

If Fantastic Beasts has failed to bewitch audiences, these films could help rejuvenate the Wizarding World

Though Cursed Child may be years away from hitting the big screen, Warner Bros. might not have to look far for inspiration, as there are many potential directions for this magic-fueled franchise right in front of them. In this list, I’ve put together 22 films that could help breathe some life into this dying adventure franchise.

1. Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Fantastic Beasts may have focused on expanding the Wizarding World with major new characters and existing legends, but they might want to take a page out of Rogue One’s book and showcase how important the little guys could be in the most extraordinary and perilous scenarios.

2. X-Men: First Class

While Fantastic Beasts took us back to the younger years of Albus Dumbledore and other notable Wizarding World characters, there’s still much more that can be mined from the past of the Wizarding World, whether it be focusing on the inaugural class of Hogwarts or dig into the pasts of Hagrid, Sirius Black, Severus Snape or other beloved Harry Potter characters.

While Fantastic Beasts did a commendable job of exploring the expansive and imaginative fantasy franchise, Warner Bros. could take a page out of Pan’s Labyrinth’s book by delving even deeper into the rich, beautiful, and ancient cultures of the more monstrous and mythic creatures populating the Wizarding World.

4. Dark City

Much like the ambitious sci-fi noir Dark City, the Wizarding World could be greatly rejuvenated by a more personal and atmospheric tale of magic gone awry, perhaps a city-bound story of a magic user out of his element or even a story within a magical locale solely from the perspective of a muggle.

5. Cast a Deadly Spell

One criticism of Fantastic Beasts was the unwavering similarity between all three films, while the Harry Potter films shifted tones and attitudes based on the subject matter, raising stakes and advancing age of the leads. To that point, Warner Bros. could really shake things up by following the lead of Cast a Deadly Spell, injecting a procedural model or detective story wedged in a naturally deceptive and mischievous backdrop that could explore the underbelly of the Wizarding World.

6. Rashomon

The Wizarding World is probably best defined by its ability to balance mischief and oddities with more gravitas-driven drama, and with a world that’s so naturally built on the manipulation of reality, a Rashomon-esque twist on the Wizarding World with competing visions from magicians with opposing allegiances would entirely be in line with the sillier side of Rowling’s universe.

7. The Magnificent Seven (2016)

While the Wizarding World has rather intentionally kept its time on American shores to a minimum, there are plenty of stories within this universe that could be told outside of Europe. In fact, the possibilities at hand with a western that trades stallions with broomsticks and six-shooters with wands could be a game-changer for the Wizarding World, especially if it shares the sheen and commercially viable action of the recent Magnificent Seven remake.

8. Chronicle

While the first Harry Potter film debuted in 2001, the final film in the series hit theaters 10 years later. Of course, in that decade, the world changed…a lot, most notable of which was the fact that technology advanced from flip phones to smart phones, which became critical parts of everyday life by 2011. Should Warner Bros. take the Wizarding World to modern times, it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine the next generation of budding sorcerers taking advantage of their technology to share spells, preserve their illusions, and bring some brand new visuals to the old-school franchise.

9. 1408

It’s no secret that the Wizarding World has had its fair share of horror-driven moments, from dementors to lycanthropes to other terrifying monsters of all shapes and sizes. Should Warner Bros. ever decide to take a similar route to their DC films and experiment with genres for one-off films within the Wizarding World, a reality-shifting haunted house story akin to 1408 filled with new Hogwarts students could make for one hell of a fun (and frightening) time.

10. Pig

Pig’s unique subversion of the “revenge movie” archetype could serve as a stellar guiding light for the next chapter in the Wizarding World by offering a compelling, nonviolent example for how more emotional personal stories can be told in larger and more bombastic worlds, especially if the franchise decided to do a similar story with fan favorite characters like Hagrid or “Mad-Eye” Moody.

As stated before with The Magnificent Seven, there’s many frustrated Harry Potter fans who have seen such a limited worldview of the Wizarding World. While Fantastic Beasts explored magic bureaucracy in a few other countries, it would be rather refreshing to see the magic phenomena of different cultures coming into play with the classic magic of the Wizarding World thus far, with Spirited Away serving as an exceptional example of the type of family friendly international mysticism that could be featured front and center.