Information Packet for Suppliers – Asif Ali Gohar Vegan Leather Alternative


Company: Vegan Leather Alternative Producer (Asif Ali Gohar)

Locations Preferred: Pakistan

Purpose of Inquiry: Seeking direct contact with personnel responsible for direct supplies of raw materials to producers.

We are looking to grow business relationships with the following suppliers:



-yeast suppliers

-manufacturing plant for sale or lease

-water supply by truck for processing use

-packaging supplies

-shipping companies

-other raw materials as needed

-equipment suppliers for sale and lease

Requirements: Company must be able to provide ongoing working relationship and regular raw material supplies with growing vegan leather company. Requirements for raw materials and shipping supplies will increase as sales increase, so ability to fill smaller orders originally and grow to larger orders is a must. Company should be local to Pakistan and able to deliver regularly. Customer representative that works with the company regularly is preferred for stability and ongoing customer support. All materials provided must be high quality for the processing needs.

Benefits: Will pay fair rates for supplies and order regularly. Monthly minimal orders may be created in advance for stability and reliability. The better the company can maintain quality supply levels the more material can be made, and profits will grow.

Prospects: The market for these products is large and growing every year. Profits are expected to increase 10% each year for the next five years, and this will require larger and more frequent orders. As the uses for the material expand there will be consistent growth in demand.

Companies who are able to partner now and supply reliably will be the first to receive future contracts and new suppliers will only be contracted for new raw materials needed or to obtain amounts over what original companies are able to provide. This is a ground floor opportunity to work with a fast growing company.