Introduction to Vegan Leather Substitute by Asif Ali Gohar


A new company is launching and they are looking for investors like you! With a new process of making a vegan friendly leather from rice, yeast, and other plant based materials, they are making a new space in the fashion industry.

Investors are needed to move forward to the next stage, and everyone who is able to join with this project now is expected to see large returns on their investment. Looking to expand the space and to bring in more raw resources in order to control costs and lower purchasing costs, there is currently space for a few key investors.

Successful investors will be focused on improving the protection of the environment and lessening our carbon footprints. Interest in fashion or textiles is encouraged, and this is a prime investment opportunity for those with contacts in the textile industry. With your current knowledge base and the contacts that you maintain, this company can move into the future quickly.

This search for investors is centered in Pakistan, with local investors being preferred, but is open to investors from around the world. As the market accept this new material it will begin shipping more widely, and there will be a need for distribution in other cities and countries, opening new opportunities for investments at that time.

All capital raised will be used for research, expansion, adding a new staff member to support research and development, and improving and growing the supply chain. As some of the required raw materials are high on the export list, there is competition between buyers requiring the ability to purchase larger quantities at lower costs, therefore keeping our own resources in the country and supporting our local businesses. By purchasing supplies and investing back into our own local economy, we can strengthen the local economy and reduce the amount that we rely on exports. This is positive not just for our industry, but others as well. In addition, the reduced shipping by using only local suppliers will lower our carbon footprint and help us leave the environment as healthy as we found it.

For your consideration, growth is expected to remain at 10% for the next few years and then increase drastically. Market trends are in support of the textile industry as veganism continues to grow around the world, and alternative materials are required to maintain this demand.  This current investment period will remain open until the goal of $500,000 has been reached, at which point no further investors will be accepted. This limited opportunity is ideal for those wanting to invest in a better planet, a better economy, and to get a strong return on investment.

Info Packet for Potential Investors: Asif Ali Gohar Leather Substitute

Item: Vegan Leather Substitute from Rice

Contact: Asif Ali Gohar

Purpose: Investments are being sourced to fund expansion and equipment upgrades, research, and growing the supply chain.

History: This company was built on the idea of a vegan friendly leather substitute. It combines needs with wants for fashion and design, allowing vegans to have the same clothing options as everyone else. It is also better for the environment, being made from plant based ingredients and with a process that is safer for the environment and doesn’t use dangerous chemicals or create damaging byproducts.

The product has been in development for several years and new advancements have made it more feasible than ever before.

Investment Needed: $500,000

Investment Purposes: Increase buying power for raw material

           Upgrade machinery for faster processing

           Improve profits by lowering operating and supply cost

                                            Increase research and development team by one for faster improvement

Timeline: Investments requested for the next 3-6 months while expansion plans are completed, and hiring process can begin. Upgraded equipment to be installed within 6-9 months with the boost to research and development by 6-12 months. Some funding will be set aside for future upgrades or changes necessary as research finds new methods.

Increased profits will be seen quickly, as purchasing larger amounts will lower cost of materials, and shipping can be renegotiated.

Return on Investment: Investors will be paid yearly dividends that are based upon the success profits of the business. Projections report that profits should increase by 20% over the next 12 months, including savings on raw materials and increased sales due to current marketing and sales efforts. Beyond that 5-10% is expected each year over the next 5 years, with payouts increasing in relation to increased profits. 10% of profits will be invested back into the business to ensure continued prosperity and staying at the forefront of technological advances.

Company Goals: Earn a profit while protecting the environment and providing vegan friendly materials. Support the vegan lifestyle or eco-friendly living using plant based materials that are easy to replace, renewable every year, and reduce the use of animals and chemicals.

Target Market: Investors and consumers who are interested in long term results that will improve the care for the environment and provide alternatives to leather. Both end consumers and investors are looking for alternatives to the damaging processes that are currently in use throughout industry, and around the world.

We supply leather substitute, and in future other materials, to fashion designers, clothing manufacturing, and others in the textile industry. Potential growth into making our own items from the material through business expansion. Accessories, jackets, and more are well suited to the leather like material and in high demand.

This sheet has been released for publication in key magazines and released to some specific business and potential investors. Further details are available upon request, and investor meetings are being scheduled now and will remain open for the coming three month period.