HSG Test

Are you trying to get pregnant? If yes, then certainly you are aware that to achieve pregnancy your body needs to function properly. When a female body is not functioning right, the doctor diagnoses the problem with an HSG test or hysterosalpingography.

So, why Hysterosalpingography is done?

For a woman to achieve conception, the ovaries must be producing eggs every month which is called ovulation. The uterus should be in good shape, and there is no blockage in the fallopian tubes.

When any of these crucial parts aren’t working appropriately, obviously any woman would face challenges to get pregnant. Hence, to identify these problems, a doctor recommends getting the HSG test done to treat the issue on time.

In this write-up, you will gain an efficient comprehension of everything you must know about the HSG test if your doctor has recommended it to you.

What is an HSG test or Hysterosalpingography?

Hysterosalpingography or HSG test is a process that involves viewing the fallopian tubes and uterus. It becomes easy for a doctor to identify the fallopian tube shape and cavity in the uterus properly. He/she may use the radio-opaque material- a dye into the cervical canal. If there is a blockage in a fallopian tube, the dye will spill into the abdominal cavity.

HSG is an x-ray test that assists the doctor in diagnosing the infertility problem. It also helps the doctor to identify the problems with female reproductive structure that may lead to averting them from achieving conception.

When is the HSG test performed?

The doctor will perform or plan the HSG test before your menstrual cycle or the last day of the period but primarily when a female is ovulating. It is because the time eliminates the probability of pregnancy or menstruation during the process.

When is the HSG test recommended?

Wondering why the HSG test is recommended? Well, to understand the reasons make sure to read below:

  • One of the main reasons is when a female is having trouble conceiving.
  • If a woman has experienced more than two recurrent miscarriages, an HSG test diagnoses the issues like an abnormally shaped uterus.
  • When a doctor suspects blocked fallopian tubes as a reason to achieve pregnancy, then an HSG test is a way to spot the problem.

Are there any risks related to the HSG test?

The HSG test is comparatively safer than other tests. Still, every procedure has its own risks. If a female notices these signs, consulting the doctor is a must. Here are the risks that one must keep note of:

  • When a woman smells vaginal discharge which is not pleasant, she mustn’t overlook it.
  • If a female is experiencing signs like fainting, vomits, fever, etc. ensure to get in touch with the doctor.
  • Usually, women experience less pain, but they can feel it and even cramp in the abdomen.
  • There can be heavy vaginal bleeding, again this doesn’t happen to every woman.

What can you expect during the HSG test?

First, understand that an HSG test only requires around five minutes. The doctor allows the person to go home the same day after the process is done. The doctor initiates the process by injecting a solution with dye into the female uterus and fallopian tubes whereas the x-ray begins recording the images.

Dye injection preparation

  • The provider will first ask a female to lie on the table and she would have to open her legs with her knees bent. It is similar to the pelvic exam. The positioning of the fluoroscopy machine will be over the table taking the x-ray.
  • In the second step, the provider will begin with tool insertion known as a speculum into the vagina widening it, and consenting the access to the cervix.
  • Lastly, the provider also will ensure cleaning the cervix first and inserting a small catheter in the cervical canal and into the woman’s uterus, to begin the process further.

Dye injection

  • Beginning the process of injection, it is ensured that the speculum is removed and again the female is asked to straighten the legs on the table.
  • There will be the pumping of dye solution slowly into the female uterus whereas the radiology technician will be working with the machine over the pelvic area. At this point, it is common to experience some cramping. There will be stretching slightly if a female has blocked fallopian tubes, it happens mainly because of the pressure.
  • It is important to be prepared as the provider might be placing you in varied positions for assessing the movement of solution through fallopian tubes.
  • The dye will spill out when there is no blockage in the fallopian tubes.

At last, once the x-ray pictures are retrieved, the provider will take away the cannula from the body without speculum reinsertion.

The good news!!

Here is the good news for females planning to get pregnant. As per research, it is found that around 30% increased chances are there for couples after the HSG test with a problem like unexplained infertility. It is identified that the dye can flush out debris if in case it was the reason that any woman was unable to get pregnant.

Usually, women can conceive within three months. So, if we conclude then with HSG women can conceive as it can prove to be therapeutic in some situations.

Isn’t it good news???

The bad news!!

Don’t worry, we aren’t going to take your breath away!! Before you get the HSG test done, you must know that it can be painful. However, practitioners ensure pain medication like anesthesia so that women don’t feel anything.

Still, it can be difficult to understand at times whether the person requires medication or not.

So, it is always better to do your research and find out the best services not only offering the test but also the best HSG test price.

In a nutshell

There are a varied number of causes related to infertility which can be complex to identify including hormonal and anatomical problems till the time you begin to plan to get pregnant. So, the most common step every doctor considers the HSG test as more than 40% of female infertility is linked to tubal factors.

Thus, every female must understand the steps and processes linked to building their family. We believe that this write-up must have assisted you with understanding all the hysterosalpingography aspects.

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