Is it better to vape than smoke?


When in doubt whether it is better to vape than smoke, the real question will be whether smoking is beneficial. To this question, we already know the answer: no.

Smoking continues to be one of the most harmful vices for health. But for those who are looking to quit, vaping is a fantastic, healthier, and fairly easy alternative.

We are going to explore in this post that we have prepared for you from Vapemall, some advantages of the vape over the traditional cigarette. After that, decide for yourself if you consider that vaping is better than smoking, and take the step towards this new experience.

The new fashion: vaping

It is increasingly common to observe many people, of different ages, vaping. Although it is a trend for some, vaping is not exactly something new.

The electronic cigarette has been known since the late 1960s. However, those first attempts at a cigarette without nicotine or smoke were not very successful and soon fell into oblivion.

In 2003, the Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik was the one who strongly took up the idea of ​​the electronic cigarette, this time with nicotine. From that moment he began an arduous movement that, little by little, was permeating consumer taste, turning the taste for vaping into a unique world, absolutely varied and, above all, very satisfying.

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Vaping culture is one of the most interesting today. For those who have considered breaking away from the conventional cigarette, or perhaps abandoning it altogether, opting for Pods , disposable kits and other devices, they consider, and with good reason, that vaping is better than smoking.

What is vaping and why is it different from smoking tobacco?

Vaping is inhaling liquids through a mouthpiece installed in the device or electronic cigarette. These special liquids are heated inside the vaper and then come out as a vapor.

One of the peculiarities of the electronic cigarette is that, although many of the liquids to vape contain nicotine, these are not tobacco . Here’s the difference between the two.

Vaping liquids and e-liquids are substances made from water, glycerin and propylene glycol. Different aromas or additives are added to this formula and in this way the specific flavor is designed.

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Why is vaping considered a much less harmful way than the traditional cigarette? One of the reasons is that some of the ingredients in vaping liquids are recognized as safe products by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Advantages of the vaper over the cigarette

Faced with the question of whether it is better to vape than smoke, we present a series of advantages that the electronic cigarette has compared to the traditional cigarette to convince you of all its benefits.

Vaping is an alternative to quit smoking

One of the many controversies about whether vaping is better than smoking is related to whether vaping is an alternative to quit smoking. In various investigations, different medical authorities consider vaping as a step in the right direction in relation to quitting tobacco use .

In an interview published in the newspaper El Confidencial, a renowned oncologist shares his impressions on how vaping is recommended as an option to quit smoking .

In the same publication, the expert affirms how vaping, compared to tobacco, is 95% less harmful. This by not emitting e-liquids, the carcinogenic substances associated with tobacco.

Vaping liquids do not contain tobacco

Following the previous line, two elements characterize liquids for vapers: they do not contain tobacco itself and the nicotine levels vary, even being 0% traces of it.

One of the ways vaping is considered better than smoking is because not all Vape flavours have nicotine. Even if they have it, many of them have a low concentration.

This option, the nicotine variation, is one that makes the switch from traditional to electronic cigarettes very attractive. Thus, for those with nicotine consumption needs, the percentage can gradually decrease .

Viper Backpacks

An example of this is the Viper Mochipas e-liquid . This one, although it comes in a 50 ml presentation, its case has a 60 ml capacity, the reason for this is that you can add a nicokit , shake it and thus obtain a product with the level of nicotine that is required.

It is a more economical and practical investment

The frequent purchase of cigarette packs is also a disadvantage for the regular smoker.

When considering whether vaping is better than smoking, the expense of that purchase, when it comes to the e-cigarette unit, may just convince you that it’s a better alternative.

With a vaping device, you can count on a unit that will last you much longer. Both the resistors, batteries, and vaping liquids can last you a long time, especially if you are not a frequent smoker.


An excellent recommendation, especially for those who are just starting out, can be the investment in a Starter Kit . With these you can have, in a single purchase, everything you need to get started and thus test how you feel compared to the traditional cigarette.


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