Kelly Pearl, 32, from Germany, has taken the internet by storm due to the extreme plastic surgery procedures she’s undergone. She believes that so far she’s spent £50,000 on her appearance

A glamour model has spent thousands on her fake look – and she loves to call herself a bimbo.

Kelly Pearl, from Germany, says she’s always loved everything “artificial looking” which can be proven by the fact that she’s spent her cold hard cash on plastic surgery.

In total, the 32-year-old believes she’s spent £50,000 on her appearance.

She also forked for jaw-dropping tattoos, including floral designs on her sleeves and intricate illustrations on her neck.

In an interview with the bimbofication website Pink Bimbo Academy, she explained the extensive work she’s had done.

“I got my breasts done twice – from 830 to 1600cc – several times lip injections with different fillers and a Brazilian butt-lift,” she said.

“What else do I do: hairdresser visits, extensions, manicures and pedicures and getting massages, three times a month.

“My next [operations] will be a laser facelift, a rhinoplasty and an eyelid blepharoplasty.

“I’m not a friend of injections in the area of the eyes, so I’d rather have something permanent.”

In the future, the blonde bombshell would also like to get a second Brazilian butt lift and butt implants.

And as she hopes her breasts will one day be over 2000cc, she expects she’ll also get an internal bra.

Since undergoing body modifications, Kelly has noticed that she’s been treated differently by both men and women.

Sadly, it’s not always in a positive way.

Kelly shared: “It’s funny that actually, only women react ‘negatively’ to it but of course, people notice that I stand out, but I can completely ignore that and I also know, that many people find such a look provocative.

“But in general, I am always warmly welcomed everywhere.”

Kelly explained that while she’s always liked the Barbie look, this isn’t something she’s always pursued.

She used to live quite a “normal” life up until only a few years ago – but now she’s never looking back.

And while Kelly says people often assume she constantly wants glamour and luxury in her life, she explained that this isn’t her main focus.

Being able to achieve her goals is what she’s most looking forward to.

Kelly’s curvaceous figure has also catapulted her OnlyFans page to success, which she attributes her stardom to her sexy appearance and her kind easy-going nature.