Junsu and also Lovelyz’s Kei’s firm PALMTREE ISLAND


    PALMTREE ISLAND released a formal claim relating to Junsu and also Kei’s latest dating rumours.

    PALMTREE ISLAND, the firm of JYJ’s Junsu and also Lovelyz’s Kei, claimed on August 19th, “Our experts will like towards educate you that the files of Kim Junsu and also Kei’s dating files are actually certainly not at all correct. They are actually merely junior coworkers and elderly. Our experts are actually producing it unobstructed that all of the dating rumours about Junsu and also Kei are actually groundless.”

    Here is the full claim :-

    “Hey there.

    This is actually Hand Plant Island.

    Our experts will like towards educate you that the files of Kim Junsu and also Kei dating mentioned today (19th) are actually certainly not correct at all. The two have actually only the partnership of a CEO and also a musician, along with elderly and also junior coworkers in the exact very same sector. Our experts bring in it unobstructed that all of the dating rumours of Kim Junsu and also Kei are actually groundless, thus satisfy avoid unconfirmed and also negligent risky write-ups.


    Junsu, also recognized through the phase title Xia is actually a South Korean vocalist, version, phase star and professional dancer. He is actually a participant of the Korean stand out group and also eventually duo JYJ, was actually one of the authentic members of child band TVXQ and also is actually the manager of PALMTREE ISLAND, which is actually a South Korean report amusement firm and tag. The firm specialises in taking care of music actors and also actresses, one of which is actually Lovelyz’s Kei.

    Kei is actually a South Korean music starlet and vocalist. She climbed towards prominence as a participant of South Korean girl group Lovelyz in Nov 2014. Kei formally produced her solo debut along with an EP on Oct 8, 2019 enlabelled ‘Over and also Over’. On Nov 16, 2021, she left behind Woollim Amusement after making a decision certainly not towards restore her deal, adhering to Lovelyz’s disbandment.

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