A home or business purchase involves making critical decisions, and you may incur substantial costs if mistakes are made.

Want to make sure that the property you are about to buy provides the best return on your investment? Our comprehensive pest inspection services in Sydney prepare the residents for any contract signing by helping them to understand the property’s condition fully.

Your degree of knowledge will enable you to get the best value from your investment or to negotiate a lower price.

Our pest Inspection services in Sydney

ASRS Pest Control realizes that many property buyers will have specific requirements regarding a property termite and other pests  inspection. Our company offers two types of inspection services to meet the needs of different clients: building inspections and pest inspections services in Sydney.

Building And Pest Inspection services in Sydney

There are many areas in Sydney that experience pest infestations, and most people looking to buy a property do not know if it is pest-free or not. Inspecting a property is the best way to determine whether it has experienced pest issues, as well as its overall condition. Health and safety risks are associated with these pests, which diminish a property’s value as well.

ASRS Pest inspection services in Sydney inspect your house for termites, borers, fleas, fungus, and other issues by trained professionals. Upon completion of the inspection, the inspector will provide you with a detailed report listing any past and current pest-related issues and damage to the property.

You can put in place the necessary measures to protect your investment with the help of this information.

Building Only Inspection

Certified and skilled building inspectors will thoroughly inspect every interior and exterior to detect primary and minor problems. They will include information about a wide variety of building aspects, including the floor, stairs, roof, decks, garage, carport, plumbing, basement, and so on. If there are any safety concerns, we will note them.

In addition to looking for pests in cracks on the walls, broken tiles on the roof, bouncy floors, etc., we will also look for pests in your building’s roof. During the inspection, we will also do a visual inspection of the property for mold, especially in damp areas, as they can turn into a mold infestation later.

What ASRS Pest inspection services in Sydney Can Do For You

Our inspectors have extensive experience performing inspections around various properties, including any pest control and extermination services. Our company is unique in the following ways:

Qualified inspection specialists

The inspectors at our firm are capable of providing you with an accurate assessment of the property’s status. For any pest problems on your property, we can provide you with the necessary pest inspection services in Sydney.

Advanced Equipment

Inspection reports provided by ASRS Pest Control are accurate and comprehensive because of the high-quality equipment and effective methods used. Some of these kit’s features include water leak detectors, drone imaging for locating roof damage, motion magnifying technology, and other features. Using advanced thermal imaging cameras, we can also determine if there are any anomalies in the property’s temperature caused by pest infestations.

Upfront Quotes & A Smooth Service

We will give you a free quote upfront and without any obligations. Our pest inspection services in Sydney are offered at no cost and no obligation to you. The inspectors will schedule a time with your broker to complete the inspections as efficiently as possible.

Quick Inspection Services

As a company specializing in providing fast property and pest inspection services in Sydney, we are committed to providing prompt services. Sydney property inspection services are at the heart of what we do. To complete the inspection, one of our inspectors will visit your property on the same day or soon after you contact us. Your inspector will deliver the report less than 24 hours after inspecting the property.