11 Killer Hacks That can save you from a House Shifting Disasters

11 Killer Hacks That can save you from a House Shifting Disasters

Shifting your house was never an easy task. You have to spend at least 2 months completing the entire moving process. It is a chaotic phase in one’s life and it is normal for one to miss out on certain preparations due to the tough schedule. But the results of your tiniest negligence can be a disaster. Do not be afraid as I have the right solution to your problems.

I got you 11 killer hacks that can save you from a house-shifting disaster in the following pointers:

1. Organise Your Move

Shifting your house is an elaborate occurrence. The moment you decide to move, you should start to organise things in your head. Discuss with your family members when you should move. Fix a moving date at least 45 days after the present day. You need this time to prepare for your move. Also, decide how much are you able to spend on your move without hampering the usual monthly expenses. Be very prompt about organising the move so that you don’t have any last-minute rush.

2. Plan how to move

You need to figure out how you are going to conduct the house shifting. Partially this decision depends upon your moving budget. If you have a budget constraint, you should conduct a DIY move. But if you have the budget to hire professional packers and movers Mumbai to Jaipur for your shifting, you should elect to move with them without thinking twice.

The packers and movers are licensed, trained, and experienced in carrying out house shifting chores every single day. On the other hand, you don’t have any experience in executing a house shifting on your own. If you try to pack your belongings and load them without the proper knowledge of them, you will end up damaging them. Thus, if you have the budget to move through a moving company, go ahead with them.

3. Verify the authenticity

Now, if you have decided to move through a moving company, don’t be too excited thinking that your house shifting is sorted and your responsibility ends here. The truth is, your responsibility begins here. You have to be sure that the moving company you are about to hire is a genuine one or not. For this purpose, you have to visit the office of the moving company. Check their credentials comprising the GST certificate, trade license, IBA authorisation certificate, and company PAN card number.

If they are ready to share these details with you, they are genuine packers and movers. Make sure you contact at least 3 to 4 moving companies while fixing your packers and movers. Compare the quotations that they are providing you and opt for the one who is offering you the least rates.

4. Create a moving inventory

The most efficient way to prepare for your move is by creating a moving inventory for your move. Assign all the pre-move chores within the days you have left before the day of the move. Prepare for the house shifting according to the inventory. By doing so, you will finish with all the preparations before the moving day. Your entire move will be organised and you will be free to sit back and instruct the moving team about the move.

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5. Make a list of all the items

Make a list of the items that you want to carry from your current house to your new house. Mention every single item that you think will be needed after you move. You can choose to make separate lists for every room to make things more organised. The best part is that you will not forget to carry anything important.

6. Let go of the hoarded items

When you have a habit of hoarding your belongings, it is obvious that your house becomes a jukebox with no storage space! But this is the right time to free some space from the jukebox and let off the hoarded items. Chuck out all the things that you don’t need any further.

The old clothes that don’t fit you or are outdated in fashion, a few pairs of shoes and sandals, some of your kid’s old textbooks and toys are some of the things that you will never need in the future. By chucking out the extra unnecessary things from your household, you will be able to cut down the moving costs to a great extent.

7. Label the boxes

On the moving day, as your boxes get packed one by one, you should label them. Take a marker pen and write the names of the rooms the boxes belong to. You can do something similar using colored masking tapes. Assign each room with a different color tape and use the same color on boxes belonging to the dedicated rooms.

8. Make an essentials box

As you prepare for the house shifting, make an essentials box and pack the essentials that you will need on the first day after you move to your new house. Some of the things that you should pack are a fresh set of clothes and undergarments, a dental kit, toiletries, bedspreads, towels, etc.

9. Get packing supplies

If you are moving by yourself, getting packing supplies is a must. But even if you are moving through the packers and movers, you can get a few packing boxes. You can ask your neighbours if someone has recently moved into the neighbourhood or you can check the local grocery store, medical store, or supermarket if they have surplus packing boxes. Getting your packing boxes will reduce the moving charges to a good extent.

10. Repurpose your belongings

Some of the common household belongings have huge storage space. Use the laundry baskets, trash cans, baskets, buckets, luggage bags, and suitcases to pack your stuff as you shift from one house to another.

11. Take care of yourself

As you shift your house, you will be busy throughout the time preparing, moving, unpacking, and arranging your belongings. But don’t forget to take care of yourself all this while. Eat healthily, drink lots of water, sleep for at least 8 hours daily, exercise, and spend some time with your family and pets. If you don’t take care of yourself, you will fall sick and the house shifting process will not be as great without your contribution.

The Culmination

No matter whether you shift your house to a nearby locality or a province across the country, you have to carry out some basic steps to save you from moving disasters. Follow the aforesaid 11 killer hacks that can save you from house-shifting disasters and help you move with ease. Take care and good luck!