Kix’ies- 4 Influencers to Explore for Stocking Fashion Inspiration


What is success? Success is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. So what does that mean? Success comes to one’s doorstep only when one works hard and to work hard one needs some kind of inspiration. The people who are successful in their life follow the 3 Ds of life. The first D stands for determination, the second D means devotion and the third D implies dedication. If a person has the presence of these three Ds in life then he is bound to succeed. Such is the power of Ds! But it is impossible to get into that D mode without being inspired by someone. It’s just impossible! Human beings are social animals. They don’t like to live isolated. Hence they live in a society where they learn from their surroundings. They get inspiration from the ones who achieved something in their life. And from that inspiration comes the urge to perspire. In short, how small or big the success is, it needs some kind of inspiration! For example, take the instances that happen in one’s daily life. In one’s childhood days he sees himself as a future doctor or engineer. How did that thought come to him? He got inspired by a person who is a doctor or an engineer himself. The examples are innumerable! The chefs in the hotel who make lip-smacking food can do that because they got the inspiration to do that. After practising that art they are in that position. When one hits the streets of his city he sees many fashionable people. These people uniquely wear simple outfits. They learned the art to look chic and sassy with a simple outfit. Where did they get the inspiration for styling from? Their fashion inspiration can be celebrities or models or stylists out there. This is how inspiration works! The age before the internet was not what it looks like today. Then the outside world was not easily accessible. And the reason was the absence of any medium to connect the entire world. So, the sources of inspiration were limited. But today in the era of the internet everything seems so easy. The world came so close! It’s the power of the internet that by sitting in one’s own house he can see what’s happening outside. Now the sources of inspiration are unlimited! Today, when the internet is accessible to all, being a fashionista is super easy. So, if that’s the case why not do some Kix’ies shopping this season? If a person doesn’t have many outfits and doesn’t have enough money to buy more then there’s a way out. Without spending extravagantly he can look unique every day. And all thanks to the social media influencers! It was during the pandemic that the reliance on these influencers increased. Various social media accounts connected everyone. Be it Instagram or Twitter or Facebook or Blogs. People started to get influenced by these social media stars. These influencers became the source of inspiration for rocking fashion. Being fashionable just became a matter of seconds! Trying something new every day and looking sassy was the task!! Have stockings in the wardrobe but don’t have any idea how to style them? No need to worry, some fashion influencers can be the inspiration for stocking fashion. Read onto to know the names of those influencers:

  • Nicole:

Adding stockings to one’s fashion will surely spice up the look. Since stockings can be styled in any season. Be it winter or be it summer! One can make stockings his style quotient throughout the year. But where can one get the stocking fashion inspiration from? To get ideas for styling stockings uniquely one can follow Nicole who is a personal style blogger in New York City. She regularly writes blogs on fashion. If anyone wants to follow her then they can follow Darlingindots. Darlingindots is the name of her fashion blog. Nicole wears different types of stockings. But the ones which are on the top of her list are polka dots, vintage, and retro-based items. One who wants to follow the trend can surely follow Nicole as she styles stockings in a very unique as well as modern approach. In one of her blogs, she styled her stockings in a very simple yet chic way! Kix’ies stockings are the best when one wants to keep it simple yet chic. One can visit the Kix’ies website and buy using Kix’ies promo codes at affordable rates. Hurry up!! 

  • Rhylana:

Most of the people are office-going people. They spend most of their time in offices. And hence they have to be extra cautious when they are pairing up their outfits with stockings. They have to choose only those stockings which can be worn throughout the day. But what if the stockings tumbles down everytime? Hence no-slip-grip type stockings are the best choice for the office-going people. Kix’ies classic fishnet available in many colours is the perfect fit for any type of formal wear. Not just that Kix’ies classic fishnet is designed in a way that it has no-slip-grip. Thus can be one’s companion throughout the day! Needed fashion inspiration to style fishnet stockings? Follow Ryhlana who is a blogger from the Netherlands. Rhylana is the perfect choice for those who are in love with fishnets. As she shows her followers the modern approach to pair up the fishnets with one’s outfit. Look modern as well as gorgeous with Kix’ies classic fishnets!! One can buy them using Kix’ies coupon codes and save some money. 

  • Mary:

There are people who like experimenting with their outfits. They like mixing different types of colours to spice up their looks. Limiting themselves to just colours is not their type. Mixing varieties of prints also fascinates them the most. But they don’t have the idea to mix and match colours and prints. As that is not their forte. When such is the scenario they need to follow someone who is into this. Mary is the right choice when it comes to taking inspiration for this type of stocking fashion. As Mary who is a feminie blogger loves to mix varieties of colours and amazing prints with vintage. This creates some exciting styles. In one of her blogs she styled her colourful stockings with amazing prints in a gorgeous way. One can follow Layersofchic_ which is the name of her blog. Kix’ies has made available some amazing stockings. One can buy them using Kix’ies discount codes.

  • SoniPanda:

The person who is in love with stockings can’t ignore SoniPanda. As she is the right person for all the stockings lovers out there. Soni Panda is a personal style blogger who regularly writes blogs. Her blogs are on fashion. Her blogs reflect her love for stockings. In one of her blogs she showed the followers how to pair stockings fabulously. In most of her blogs there is the touch of stockings. One can follow SoniPandaBlog to get more such inspiration for stocking fashion. Whoever is in love with stockings can avail Kix’ies coupons to buy Kix’ies stockings. That too at a pocket-friendly rate!! 

If one wants to stay connected with the fashion trend then he should follow the influencers. As they are the ones who are very much into the fashion game. And when it comes to stocking fashion one should follow the ones who are in love with stockings. Follow them and get inspiration for stocking fashion. Kix’ies stockings are a must if one wants to look trendy! One can buy them easily as the Kix’ies sale is in full swing. And yes one should not worry about the rates. Kix’ies deals are there to help! A win-win situation!!