Know About Gold Rate Today in Gurgaon

gold rate today

Gurgaon/Gurugram city currently has one of the highest per capita incomes in the nation. It is India’s premier financial and industrial hub. It is situated in the state of Haryana and is home to more than 250 Fortune 500 enterprises. Due to the wealth of its populace, the city, which has a population of about two million, is also one of the top consumers of gold. Gold jewellery is frequently worn as a statement piece and status signal at many festival celebrations and special occasions.


Gold Price Today in Gurgaon (Today and Yesterday)


Gold is valued differently in Gurgaon based on its purity. The gold price today gurgaon are influenced by demand, interest rates, global political conditions, stock market health, governmental regulations, and many other variables. Below is a more thorough review of daily rates and the gold price in Gurgaon.


Gold 22 Carat Price in Gurgaon


22 K Gold Rate Today Yesterday Rate Change
1gm Gold Rate ₹4,615 ₹4,615 ₹0
8gm Gold Rate ₹36,920 ₹36,920 ₹0
10gm Gold Rate ₹46,150 ₹46,150 ₹0
100gm Gold Rate  ₹4,61,500 ₹4,61,500 ₹0


Gold 24 Carat Price in Gurgaon


24 K Gold Rate Today Yesterday Rate Change
1gm Gold Rate ₹5,035 ₹5,035 ₹0
8gm Gold Rate ₹40,280 ₹40,280 ₹0
10gm Gold Rate ₹50,350 ₹50,350 ₹0
100gm Gold Rate  ₹5,03,500 ₹5,03,500 ₹0


Gurugram’s Gold Investment Avenues


Due to its significance both as a potential future investment and as a resale item, gold is highly sought in Gurgaon. Gurgaon has a big population of working professionals. Hence the demand for precious metals is high and in line with locals’ income levels. The following are some of the most effective and practical ways to buy gold in Gurgaon:


Over-the-counter: Numerous jewellery stores in Gurgaon specialise in purchasing and reselling gold at reasonable costs. Customers can buy gold from these shops in jewellery, bullion, and much more, and each purchase comes with an authentication certificate.


Online Portals: Gurgaon is home to many online marketplaces where gold may be bought or sold. These websites offer options for users to determine the purification of their gold as well as up-to-date knowledge on the price of the precious metal.


Market Trade: Customers can buy gold using Gold ETFs, Gold Funds, and other instruments that can be easily transacted on the stock market. You can accomplish it by opening a Demat account, and since the consumer can do this from their home, it is a handy way to trade in gold.


Why Does Gurgaon’s Gold Rate Differ from Other Cities?


Gold price today in Gurgaon is different from those in other Indian cities. Even though (at times) the difference might only be slight, it nonetheless exists. Numerous internal and external factors, as well as price disparity, are to blame. The following list includes a few of these elements:


  • Taxes: The different taxes that are only applicable in Gurgaon have an impact on the Gurgaon Gold Rate.
  • Transport Charges: The gold price today in Gurgaon is also influenced by the transportation cost of the metals.
  • Making Charges: The making charges also affect the prices of gold in Gurgaon.
  • Octroi Charges: Octroi Charges have an impact on the price of gold in Gurgaon today. It is a tax imposed on different types of commodities entering the city. The price of gold is affected by octroi fees.



The demand for gold 24 carat price in Gurgaon has driven the consumption of gold jewellery and ornaments. The numerous small and large-scale gold merchants in Gurgaon make up the local gold market. Every day that goes by, the demand for gold in Gurgaon grows. Currently, the supply of yellow metal and market conditions have an inverse relationship with the price of gold in Gurgaon.