Know About the gold rate today in Dehradun


Dehradun is located in Uttarakhand on the foothills of the Himalayas and follows the same cultural ideals as the rest of the state. This town is well-developed with many eccentric festivities and weddings, especially when it comes to Dhanteras and Diwali seasons. The city houses many Pahari and Garhwali people who find gold a very good option when it comes to hoarding wealth. It is also considered to be auspicious for special occasions. This gold goes in generations as families leave their forerunners with gold as a form of wealth and property. Trading gold as a precious metal commodity is also quite big in this city. In this blog, we will talk about the 22k and 24 k gold price today dehradun


Gold rate in Dehradun in August 2022


Rate on August 1 Rs.5,112/ gram
Rate on August 31 Rs.5,011/ gram
Highest rate in August Rs.5,175/ gram on 5 August
Least August rate Rs.4,981/ gram on 18 August
Overall performance  Decline
Percentage change -1.22%


Gold rate in Dehradun in July 2022


Rate on July 1 Rs. 5144/ gram
Rate on July 31 Rs. 5081/ gram
Highest rate in July Rs. 5175/ gram on July 5
Least July rate  Rs. 4981/ gram on July 18
Overall performance  Declining
Percentage change -1.22%


Monthly gold rate trend in Dehradun for July 2022


  • The price of gold in Dehradun on July 1, 2022, was Rs. 5,144/ gram. The whole month saw fluctuations in the gold rates, which finally closed at Rs. 5,081 for a gram. 


  • The highest price of gold for July was Rs. 5,175 on July 5. The lowest recorded price for gold was on July 18, when 24 k gold price for one gram was Rs. 4981. 


  • A declining pattern was witnessed in the overall performance of the yellow metal, wherein the change in percentage was 1.22%.


Gold rate today Dehradun in June 2022


Rate on June 1 Rs.5,144/ gram
Rate on June 30 Rs.5,081/ gram
Highest rate in June Rs.5,175/ gram on July 5
Lowest rate in June Rs.4,981/ gram on July 18
Overall performance  Declining 
Percentage change -1.22%


Monthly gold rate trend in Dehradun for June 2022


  • The opening gold price was Rs. 5,112/ gram in Dehradun in June. The prices fluctuated over the month to Rs. 5,023 by the end of the month. The overall gold performance in Dehradun was on the decline, with a change in percentage of -0.02% in June. 


  • The lowest recorded price was on June 30, when its rate was Rs. 5,023/ gram, while the highest recorded price was on June 13, when the 24k gold price was Rs. 5,212/ gram. 


  • A declining trend has been noticed in the gold rates standing at -0.02%.


Gold rate today Dehradun in May 2022


Rate on May 1 Rs.5,217/ gram
Rate on May 30 Rs.5,149/ gram
Highest rate in May Rs.5,217/ gram on May 1
Lowest rate in May Rs.4,965/ gram on May 18
Overall percentage  Declining 
Percentage change -1.3%


Monthly gold rate trend in Dehradun for May 2022


  • Gold’s opening price for May was Rs. 5,217 (the highest price in the month). With the month’s progression, there were fluctuations in the rates which finally stopped at Rs. 5,149/ gram by the month’s end. 


  • The lowest price was recorded on May 18 when 1 gram of the precious metal was sold at Rs. 4,965/ gram. 


  • Therefore, the performance of gold rate today Dehradun declined for the month of May, and the percentage change stood at -1.30%.



We hope this blog acquaints you with the gold rate today Dehradun. Check our other blogs to know about the gold rate in other cities of India.