Know About the Gold Rate Today in Kolkata

gold rate in Kolkata

Gold is considered very auspicious in India. Kolkata is no exception. During the festive season and wedding season, a large number of people purchase gold jewelry. Along with ornamental use, gold is a good investment option too. Many people buy gold in other forms than jewelry for an investment. It is one of the oldest investment practices in India, including Kolkata. You should know the gold rate today in Kolkata before planning a purchase. Also, take a look at the gold rate today in India.

The current gold rate in Kolkata

The gold rate today in Kolkata is as follows.


Rate 22-Carat Gold  24-Cart Gold 
8 grams  ₹36,760 ₹40,104
10 grams ₹45,950 ₹50,130
100 grams  ₹4,59,500 ₹5,02,300


The gold rate today in Kolkata is ₹45,250 per 10 grams of 22-carat gold and ₹50,130 per 10g of 24-carat gold.

Important things to check while buying gold in Kolkata

Gold is a significant investment. Additionally, it offers security for loans. Whether you are buying it as jewelry or as coins, it is vital to check a few parameters before handing your money to the jeweler. Here is a checklist you should use before purchasing gold. 

  • Check the gold rate today in Kolkata.
  • Be sure of the certifications.
  • Always remember to collect the bill.
  • Take note of the buy-back terms.
  • Know about different purity levels.

Gold loans in Kolkata

The use of gold to take loans has become much more common. It is one of the factors that makes gold such a good investment. Gold loans have become more popular with banks and other lenders. If you are using your gold to take a loan, you must check the gold rate today in India to know its current value. Some of the biggest banks and lenders that provide you with loans against your gold are HDFC Bank, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, Muthoot Finance, Yes Bank, and Manappuram Finance. 

Past Fluctuations in Kolkata’s gold prices

Gold prices have been fluctuating and increasing at a steady rate. The past gold rates are as follows. Look at past 22-carat and 24-carat gold prices in Kolkata for ten days. You can easily compare and analyze these with the gold rate today in Kolkata. 


Date 22-Carat for 10 grams 24-Carat for 10 grams
19 September 2022 ₹45,850 ₹50,020
18 September 2022 ₹45,950 ₹50,130
17 September 2022 ₹45,950 ₹50,130
16 September 2022 ₹45,800 ₹49,960
15 September 2022 ₹46,200 ₹50,400
14 September 2022 ₹46,400 ₹50,620
13 September 2022 ₹46,730 ₹50,980
12 September 2022 ₹46,750 ₹51,000
11 September 2022 ₹46,750 ₹51,000


How to Invest in Gold

Gold has been the preferred form of payment throughout history, from the earliest civilizations to the present. Investors acquire gold primarily now to protect themselves from inflation and political turmoil. There are many ways to ensure gold for yourself, some traditional and modern.

Like the older days, you have the choice to go and buy gold physically from a jeweler. Then there are sovereign gold bonds. These are issues by the reserve bank of India at the current rate of gold. These binds have the same value as the gold rate today India. The value of the gold is returned to the investor at the market rate at maturity.

Then comes the digital gold and ETF. In this case, the investor’s digital gold account is reflected by the seller storing an equivalent amount of physical gold in a safe vault. The ETFs invest in gold firms, gold funds, SGBs, and real gold.


The holiday season is quickly approaching, which will likely increase gold purchases. Kolkata has a heavy demand for gold at these times. People in Kolkata, as well as in India, actively purchase gold irrespective of economic fluctuations. To better plan your investments, you should always check the gold rate today in Kolkata properly.