Lahore Smart City

Lahore Smart City is a fantastic residential development with sustainable development and technology that incorporates smart elements and leaves a lasting tradition for the future. Lahore Smart City takes you to the beauty of nature and the human-made wonders around the globe. The building blocks comprise stunning architecture, urban splendour, 4smart living, modern infrastructure, cutting-edge urban planning, layout, and civil engineering. It is expected to be the country’s second smart city.

The ideal location is:

Lahore Smart City is located in the best position of the Kala Shah Kaku along the Lahore Ring Road. The development is in

Just 4 minutes away from the M2 motorway

18 minutes driving distance from DHA Lahore

It takes 18 minutes to drive from Lahore International Airport.

Executive Block:

Executive Block is a first-rate project. It’s in perfect harmony with the houses and villas—a safe and secure family-friendly environment with security and maintenance solutions available 24 hours a day. The area is expected to be among the most sought-after locations to live in, offering an active lifestyle that incorporates an inviting atmosphere with facilities, health, food and beverages, and shopping and recreational areas. The Block will comprise all the residential plots, Villas and healthcare facilities, retail sectors, educational institutes, hospitality, and mosques. The villas will be fitted with modern home amenities and contemporary architecture.

Education District:

The Education District comprises research centers and training institutes to aid learning and acquiring skills. There will be facilities to offer short courses and diplomas. I will also review it regularly and employ novel teaching methods. This Block will consist of University, College, Medical College schools, and day-care centers to meet the educational needs of a toddler through an adult.

Healthcare District:

The Healthcare District is the epicentre of medical treatment. Businesses and individuals can use this area to enhance their wellness facilities and maintain public health. Modern laboratories, hospitals, and clinics are evidence of technological advancement.

Sports District:

It is home to a sports center of international standards as well as an arcade with a sports theme. The neighbourhood offers a variety of housing options, ranging from villas to apartments that blend into the natural surroundings. It includes football, and cricket venues, apartments for rent, the Track for racing Track, and a retail zone.


A style of architecture signifies faith and a sense of unity in those in the Muslim community. There will be the Main Mosque (Grand Jamia Mosque). There will be sector mosques as well.

Silicon Valley Pakistan:

Silicon Valley Pakistan will be an initiative to make this country technologically advanced in data technology and other fields. The growth and dissemination of new technologies is the main objective. It will concentrate on the development of skills by conducting investigation and study. It will become a hub for cutting-edge innovation and cutting-edge shipping. The zone will comprise warehouses, apartments for residents, and offices for technology operations.

Attraction: Theme Park:

Lahore Smart City has allocated an entire space to the theme park to provide recreation and entertainment. It’s designed artistically to soothe nerves while providing entertainment. It is a popular vacation destination with various public locations, such as bird habitats, holiday resorts, and hotels.

Can it be used for investment?

Lahore Smart City is a great opportunity for investing by the year 2022. It is possible to purchase plots to sell within Lahore Smart City. can help you choose the best strategy for investing in this project. Lahore Smart City is a housing complex in Pakistan ranked among the nation’s most outstanding urban development.