Banarsi Gharara Designs 2022:Ultimate style guide for Eid 2022: Tips on what to look beautiful this Eid


Banarsi Gharara Designs 2022

Eid-al-Fitr is knocking at the door! Deciding on what to wear for a prominent occasion is a monotonous job, especially for women. Men can wear without many options to decide on! Pathaani Suit is the most obvious outfit for men. In contrast, Women concluding the holistic month of Ramadan with an auspicious day need an outstanding outfit to wear. It can be Salwar, or the latest Banarsi Gharara designs 2022

On the other hand, Eid is a community and loved one’s festival. Friends, family, and relatives come together to wish each other and celebrate this auspicious occasion. Besides, when such a festival meeting commences, there is one thing that everyone looks after. It is how you look! Besides, the holy books also do have mentions about buying new dresses.

From the times of Prophet Mohammed, wearing new dresses is Sunnah. It is to celebrate the holy occasion. So, if you are eager to buy new clothes just like you buy Banarsi Gharara for your Wedding, this is the best editorial for you! Here, you will learn about the ultimate styling tips for your Eid 2022. So, read the complete editorial to look the best and stand unique from the crowd.

Eid Styling tips

When you are talking about Eid dresses and looks, there is one thing that you must have pretty clear in your mind. You would always desire the best ethnic vibe without outfits like Lucknowi Gharara. The professionals and fashionistas here have worked and found some of the best tips that will help you create a stunning look for yourself.

Choosing amongst the outfits 

When you are on a quest to find out the best women’s outfit, you will get flooded with options. There are a plethora of Indian outfits that come with rich colors, fabric designs, and patterns. Most of the ethnic wear options will also have embroidery work that will steal the attention. In such cases, here are a few suggestions for every styling taste.

Banarsi Gharara

Gharara comes as one of the most prominent choices for an Eid outfit. Most of the women do prefer wearing Gharara, as it is a traditional Eid dress, and women flaunt beauty wearing this dress. It is a go-to choice that can meet the grandeur of Eid. It offers you a royal look when choosing the right accessories and ornaments. Lucknowi Gharara, amongst the Banarsi Gharara designs 2022, looks more appealing.

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Lawn dresses/suits

It is another remarkable outfit option that you can choose. Lawn Salwar matches the ethnic vibe and is more like salwar suits. Professionals recommend it more if you wish to have a visual appeal. Lawn dresses also do have rich embroidery work down the neckline and at the bottom of Kurti to offer you the limelight. You have several designs to choose from as well. You can wear lawn dresses with palazzo pants or pencil pants to create a new look. Besides, you can also go for authentic salwar suits if you don’t want much experimentation in your look!


If you want to experiment with your look but still achieve a simple and sassy look, then you can go for Angrakha. Angrakha is usually a Kurti design that comes with an external robe with long sleeves. Most women in South Asia wear this type of outfit. If you wish to wear a short-length kurta, you can try Short length Angrakha. Below that, you can always wear tulip pants that can align your dressing sense.


Sarees are one of the best options that you can choose for your Gharara outfit in Eid 2022. With five to nine yards of saree, you can flaunt your sheer elegance, and it will also look graceful. IN sarees, you can choose different types of materials and colors that will look best on you. You can either go for a light-colored saree with minimal work or choose a saree with heavy work.

Afghani style salwar suits

The Afghani-style salwar suit is another remarkable option for you. It is for all the festive events, and you can also show it as your casual wear. The design is simple and sassy. Afghani Salwar suits also showcase two-tone colors that make your festive mood colorful.

Floral printed Kurta

It is an outfit type and design that is easy to carry. It is even one of the trends these days; Floral prints are also an all-time favorite for most women. You can choose the brightest floral colors and Palazzo pants to create an impactful look.

Must-Have accessories that will look best on the above outfits

Now that you know about some of the trending outfit designs, you should also be aware of all accessories that match these dresses. So, here are a few accessories that can help you look pretty and create a more enticing look.


An earring is an accessory that adds beauty and elegance to any outfit you wear. On occasions like Eid, where you have to wear ethnic, the earring is a must-have accessory. You should always go for golden color earrings with large designs. The earrings that are more in trend right now are complicatedly patterned danglers. These danglers come made with gold and also look best on outfits like Gharara and sarees. If you are buying earrings, professionals recommend you buy yellow, white gold, and rose gold, as they will complement the design.


Theme-based pendants are a great option to wear. It looks great on your ethnic outfits. You can have pendants in green color stones or a subtle tone of gold. They will create a better appeal.


Rings are another accessory that you cannot miss to wear. The glow of the rings will add a more classy style to your outfit. You can choose to have rings in gold or diamonds. Apart from that, you can also wear several affordable rings and metals that will match your outfit.


In conclusion, these are the styling tips that will help you get an impeccable look for Eid 2022! Now that you know how to get yourself ready for this Eid, you should shop for some amazing outfits and steal the festive moments.