Learn From Linda–Avoid These Home Inspection Mistakes


A home inspector is a professional who examines your property for functional and structural issues, water damage, electrical problems, and other issues like mold and asbestos exposure. Home inspectors can also tell you about items such as the condition of your roof, foundation, and general well-being of your property. Home inspectors are crucial to the health of any property because they can identify life-threatening hazards. Home inspectors are needed to properly care for your home and help it grow into a safe and comfortable place for you.

The following article describes how a home inspection process can turn sour for homeowners. The article also describes some of the mistakes made by a homeowner during a home inspection in Tampa. Inspectors rarely have the opportunity to discuss the problems they face during home inspections with those outside the industry. The story ahead provides an insight into some of the common issues homeowners make during an inspection yet complain about the inspector being at fault. Often, the problem may lie with you and not the home inspection process.

How Can A Home Inspection Go Wrong?

Linda was excited to get a home inspection in Florida because she wanted to sell the house and would be able to get an idea of its current condition and price it right. So she booked a meeting with the first inspector that popped up on her search:

“Home Inspection in Florida”

A man wearing a shirt reading “HPO Home Inspection Services” arrived at Linda’s house. He didn’t introduce himself or any of his business cards, making Linda very uncomfortable. He quickly went through each room and then said he had completed the inspection and would be back soon. The next day Linda received her inspection report through the mail with no sign of the home inspectors.

Linda, who had been living in the home for over two decades, finds her inspection report riddled with terrible scrawlings and indecipherable handwriting. The story follows as she tries to decipher her report and understand what the inspector has written. Her calls to the inspector’s office went unattended because it was a weekend. When Rob, Linda’s husband, comes home, he notices Lindas worried. He asks Linda what’s wrong.

“I was put through a home inspection, asked questions about my home, and when I was finished and was supposed to receive my report, the inspector left only to send me this.” I received a large stack of papers, and I cannot make out a word of it.” “I’m sorry, maybe wait till the weekend is over,” Rob said. Then he picked up the papers in front of Linda and tried to decipher the report to find an incomprehensible essay with random notes scribbled throughout the pages and a piece of paper with primitive house drawings. There was no mention of the windows or doors which have been a problem and not closing correctly or any word of the stains on the wall that they had been worried about. There seemed to be no mention of anything but those roughly written notes with strange terms.

Where Did Linda Go Wrong?

Let’s look at what Linda could have done differently and have a better chance at a positive home inspection experience: 

Don’t Hire Without Doing Your Research

Linda was looking for a home inspection, and like anyone, she wanted to use the best person for the job for her. However, anyone wishing to hire a credible home inspector needs to do their homework, check feedback from previous customers and see if they have five stars reviews. When Linda’s inspector arrived, everything seemed A-ok, but things went downhill suddenly.

Harry didn’t have any paperwork, and Linda never asked him to show his license, so she did not know if he was licensed or not. Linda’s inspection turned into a nightmare, and the experience made her question her decision.

Always Attend An Inspection

Linda could have avoided this bad experience if she had just attended the inspection. However, she decided not to listen to avoid the feeling of being obligated to a potentially meaningless process. The walkthrough with the officer was an opportunity she missed out on, and the inspector in question later told her it was no mistake of his that she just sat on the sofa.

mistakes of home inspection
It is always crucial to walk through your home inspection. It gives you a chance to identify problems on the spot, ask the inspector questions, and have him guide you through suitable remedial options. Being with the inspector also assists him during the inspection process; it may help him complete an inspection more efficiently.

Ask For A Sample Report

Linda is happy with the price and schedule but never asked for a sample home inspection report. There are many items on a home inspection report; on average, some 1600 parts need to be inspected. Inspection reports may vary from one company to the other, and there may be items missing on the list of what should be examined. The inspectors report additional inspections, but it doesn’t explain why these additional inspections aren’t required, and Lindas attending the inspection could have helped. 

Good home inspection reports are a combination of understandable information regarding every part of the home. Professional Florida home inspection companies usually provide residential reports within 24 hours and may take up 3- to 5 business days for commercial property reports. The reports also have visuals in the form of pictures to provide evidence of the issue.

Prepare Your Home For An Inspection

The inspector came and left quickly due to a lack of preparation. He left after inspecting parts of the house that were easily accessible. Unfortunately, the locked-up parts of the house that he couldn’t get into due to Linda not having the keys to the basement led to it missing the inspection. When Linda finally got hold of the inspector after the weekend, he blamed Linda for not being prepared for the inspection.

It is essential to prepare your house a day before the inspection; clear up passages, and unlock doors to avoid last-minute frenzy and waste the inspector’s time. Home inspectors in Tampa Florida are on a hectic schedule and need to move on fast. Having a home ready for inspection saves you and the inspector valuable time.