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Quran Teachers: Quran is the sacred script for all Muslims, which are the true words Of Allah sent down from heaven. The holy book Quran was revealed to Hazrat Muhammad SAWW, through the angel “Jibril (AS)” in about 23 years, 13 in Mecca and 10 in Medina.  The holy book Quran is composed of a total of 114 chapters or surahs varying in length, totally in the Arabic language. The word “Quran” is derived from the Arabic language “Qara”, which means reading and recitation. The Quran is further split into 30 equal lengths for ease of binding and reading purposes. The Quran has a total of seven Manzil.

The holy book Quran acts as the bedrock of the Islamic belief system.  By reading one word of the Quran, you can earn 10 good deeds as a reward. The longest surah of the Quran is “Al-baqarah”, and the shortest surah is “Al-Jawahar”. The holy book Quran is like the written statement for the religion of Islam.

Quran education

Learning of Quran plays a significant role in Muslims’ life. Every Muslim must get a Quran education. It gives us guidance related to every aspect of life. Learning Quran online is a popular way these days. Online Quran teachers will be provided for online Quran classes. Various online Quran academies are available to learn Quran online. Online Quran Academy: Iqra Quranic is the best recommend Quran institute is present to learn Quran online through Quran teachers.  The Quran explains the main six beliefs of the religion Islam, which includes


The Quran teacher of the Iqra Quranic will teach about the oneness of Allah. The main Islamic belief is represented by Quran. The Muslims believe that there is only one supreme power, Allah. Believe in the oneness of Allah, known as “Tauheed”.  They provided online Quran classes in which one can learn about it and develop a stronger belief in the existence of Allah.

Angels (Malaikah)

Allah has created angels the interaction with humans, for sending His messages. Online Quran teachers will teach about the perspective of angles in online Quran classes. Allah has blessed every Muslim with two guardian angels. That records good deeds by one angel and bad deeds by the other angel.

Holy Books of Allah

Iqra Quranic, also makes you learn about the different holy books of Allah send for the benefit of humankind through their online Quran classes. The Quran (Hazrat Muhammad SAWW), Tawrat (Musa), the Zabur (Hazrat Dawud AS), and the Injil (Hazrat Isa AS), are considered the holy books of Allah.  Online Quran teachers will make you learn about these holy books along with distinguishing characteristics of these books and revelation.

Prophethood (Risalah)

Online Quran teachers will make teach about the prophets of Allah. They will make you aware of the teachings and guidance of these prophets, for humans. Quran teacher will make learning about the “khtam-e-nabuwat”. This means Hazrat Muhammad SAWW is the last prophet of Allah in online Quran classes. He is the greatest of all the prophets.

Belief in an afterlife (Akhirah)

Every Muslim should believe in the Day of Judgment and life after death. Iqra Quranic also gives awareness through the Quran teacher, about the procedure of life after death, and makes you prepare for eternal life in online Quran classes.

Allah’s predestination (Al-qadr)

Online Quran teachers not only teach the recitation of the Quran but along with these, they will make you learn about other perspectives. In online Quran classes for Kids, you can learn that everything’s responsibility is to Allah. Believe in the supreme power of Allah. He has the right to everything that is going on with the orders of Allah. He has written down all the ongoing events and what will happen in the future.

Benefits for learn Quran online

Learning Quran online has several advantages over learning the Quran in traditional mode. Specialized online Quran teachers are available for online Quran classes to learn Quran online

A method is cost-effective

Learning Quran online is a cost-effective way. As online Quran academies give the best services at reasonable rates to learn Quran online. Iqra Quranic provides the best affordable fee packages for everyone with the provision of the best Quran teacher. Iqra Quranic also offers a free trial for their online Quran classes through an online Quran teacher. One can avail of these zero-charges free online Quran classes only just by signing up at the website’s online portal.

Best of Qualified Quran teacher

Iqra Quranic always keeps its standards high. They only hire well-qualified and experienced online Quran teachers for online Quran classes. This Quran teacher will make you learn Quran online most easily and interactively of learning. Quran teachers use modern tools and techniques for making learning simpler for kids and beginners in online Quran classes.

Easily accessible & convenient

Learning Quran online is accessible easily for everyone. In whichever part of the world you are, living, an online Quran academy will provide you with online Quran teachers to learn Quran online. Iqra Quranic provides their Quran teacher services 24 hours to learn Quran online. This online service of learning the Quran online has made it easier for every Muslim to get Quran and Islamic education, especially those Muslims who live abroad.

Quran teacher for kids with special features

Iqra Quranic facilitates the service of online Quran teachers for kids. They provide special features so parents can supervise their kids to learn the Quran online. Online Quran teachers use attractive ways for their online Quran classes, for developing kid’s interest in their religion Islam and Quran. Iqra Quranic also conducts monthly assessments for kids so parents can have progress reports of their kids learning the Quran online.

Customized Timings

Another best feature provide by learning Quran online is that one can select their online Quran classes. To learn Quran online, you can choose your day and time, according to your availability. Those Muslims who doing jobs can easily manage their time for online Quran classes because of this salient feature. Muslims who live abroad also select their timetable according to their country’s native timings.